By: Revanche

Right on time

August 9, 2008

Another delay, that is. At this rate, we’ll never have enough time to properly hike the Multnomah Falls area. Boo.

We had to change gates as well which is great because I’m further away from that enticing Mango store.

Oooh I see our plane….

I’m curious how people blog from their Blackberries with links and such. I can’t put together a proper, interesting post with links or pictures with my phone. Lucky that I can blog at all, of course, just wondering what skills I require to do it for real.

2 Responses to “Right on time”

  1. I love Multanomah Falls. It’s one of my favorite places near Portland. My friend took me there last fall and along with my donuts we were very happy hikers! Have fun!

  2. Revanche says:

    sfordinarygirl: I need to go with someone who is in better shape than I am, we only hiked for about a mile or so before Cousin tapped out.

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