By: Revanche

Lower gas prices regarded as temporary reprieve

November 14, 2008

It seems that the average consumers interviewed for this NY Times article, Lower Gas Prices Don’t Make Americans Feel Rich, aren’t taking the relief at the pump for granted. With the increasingly bad economy, and fearful outlook for the future, it relieves me that people aren’t simply reacting to the lowered prices with the same exuberance as we’ve seen in the volatile stock market.

I’m glad. It’s time we were more cautious, paid down debt, and made plans for a rainy tomorrow because I’m afraid that many people are already headed for a rough time of it without such back-ups. Even with all my preparations, saving, and thinking ahead, I don’t feel quite as prepared for a downturn of the proportions that are likely to come. No, the sky isn’t falling, but some days it feels like the ceiling might start caving in, and the floorboards have a decidedly creaky feel to them.

Speaking of temporary reprieves, we just got news of a reorganization in our office, effective Monday. The manner in which this decision was made and the suddenness with which it came to pass took everyone aback, and I’m not convinced that they’re not planning to reorganize us right out the door. Might not happen Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of next week, but it could happen the day after. Or the week after. Nothing’s certain but at least I have an e-fund. And I haven’t tempted Murphy, thank goodness. Either way, it’s not exactly the Christmas present I was hoping for from Santa!

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  1. You are so right, it is about time we all did more! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Revanche says:

    Frugal Trenches: Painful as it is, this correction was long overdue, and I hope we learn from it.

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