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Christmas presents, late edition

December 31, 2008

We had a laaaazy sort of Christmas gift exchange this year, so I didn’t open the last of my gifts until day before yesterday.

It’s one of the more modest exchanges we’ve had, the big group of friends didn’t attempt a massive Secret Santa thing for once, work didn’t bother to do anything, etc. ’twas sort of nice!

I bought myself the laptop and my business suit, and will be paying for some minor tailoring. Work related, yes, but we’re calling them gifts. 🙂

Actual gifts:

A most lovely Brooks Brother’s miracle white button down shirt (needs a tiny bit of tailoring), and a great pair of Banana Republic Martin fit pants that fit per-fect-ly. The pattern is the tiniest herringbone I have ever seen, and cute besides!

Three pairs of trouser socks. I looooove trouser socks.

A two coffee mug set complete with the most delicious smelling hazelnut coffee and chocolate syrup, all wrapped on a great tray. I don’t drink coffee, so it was reluctantly given to my coffee drinking buddy. I kept a mug, though.

An Aeropostale jean miniskirt. It’s now the shortest skirt I own … selected for me by someone six years younger and wears my size. Um, it’ll be fine as beach wear, over a bathing suit or something.

Another Bluetooth headset. Shot in the dark by my friend, I guess, ’cause I got one for my birthday but my dad needs one so that’ll be regifted. He won’t mind.

With the exception of shoes, I’ve got two very nice new professional outfits this year, which is great because I’m trying to update the wardrobe slowly and on a budget.

And I bought a set of ten thank you cards at Target last night for 74 cents, so now I can properly thank my friends for their generosity.

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  1. Katie C. says:

    I love the Martin fit trousers at Banana Republic! Just tried them on this week and fell in love. Of course, setting aside the funds to buy clothes is another thing…

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