By: Revanche

Food makes everything better

March 23, 2009

Can it make Mondays better? Here are a few fondly remembered meals of my once-extravagant business-dinner past:

Oh, formal business dinners, how I miss thee ….

Apologies but I can’t identify all the meals by name/restaurant, it feels like that would be revealing too much. (For example, how poor my memory is, for one thing!)

And I know we had some spectacular salads, too, but I can’t find those pictures, so wee cute little dessert will have to suffice.

And I can assure you, all those fancy dinners did not make me a food snob. While they were delightfully, sinfully delicious, I truly appreciate my plain food routine after all the rich foods and eating out.

5 Responses to “Food makes everything better”

  1. You put my $5 footlong sandwich to shame! You are making me hungry for deliciousness.

  2. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: Not to worry, $5 footlong style cheap lunches will be a whole other post. And no photos, cause they’re all cheap. 🙂

  3. Miss M says:

    You take photos of business dinners, that’s funny. I’ve eaten at some fancy places and been less than impressed, while the food was pretty it wasn’t very tasty. Taste is most important in my book. Here’s to hoping for many fine business dinners to come!

  4. Revanche says:

    Miss M: Doesn’t everybody? I mean, doesn’t everybody take photos of really good food?

    I’m pleased to say that there have been very very few disappointments thus far, but that might be because I just don’t make a habit of eating out, and pick my entrees carefully. 🙂

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