By: Revanche

Happy Thursday!

March 26, 2009

I’m steaming over the loss of the entire post that should have gone up yesterday, but didn’t. Instead, I tried to post it from my phone’s web browser, had to edit the title, and somehow lost the entire post!

Oh well. Y’all probably didn’t need the long version anyway. Here’s the summary:

1. Attended another (wait listed) class for my Certificate program this week. Would have missed this opportunity if I hadn’t called and asked for it; you’re supposed to sit and wait for them to contact you when there are openings but I couldn’t afford to be passive. (Never mind I was late thanks to the take-many-detours shuttle driver. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE being late?)
2. Requested permission to “crash” another course two weeks ago. We’re down to the wire here, so I absolutely have to hit every class if I want to take my Certificates of Supervision and Management before the layoff. This means my assertiveness is getting a major workout.

1. +40: check received from the Airborne class action settlement.
2. +10: my first payout from
3. +226: this is really a refund, not a plus sign. My dad peeved me because he had over 30 days to return the Dish Network equipment but didn’t so they charged my card. Now I have to wait for them to acknowledge and process receipt of the equipment, process a manual return, and then request a manual refund from the credit card. Bleh.
4. +153: Still waiting for the credit card to send a check from the second insurance refund. Meh.

1. LOVED MoneyFunk’s latest project: a turtle Amigurumi! I’m a total sucker for cute turtles.
2. Have plans for a $22 prix fixe dinner with a friend next week; a treat is usually a $4 cheeseburger or a couple of chicken soft tacos, but occasionally I have a hankerin’. And it’s at a restaurant I can’t ever afford, normally.

2 Responses to “Happy Thursday!”

  1. Money Funk says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! I just finished a rabbit and a cupcake, but have yet to download the pics to post. Will be sure to do soon. Totally addicting! lol!

    I know what you mean about hate to be late. It’s a virgo thing, I think. I also think that diligence is a Virgo thing, too. I can’t handle passiveness when its something I need. I know some people get peeved with me over this, but then again… I get what I want.

    enjoy your dinner next week. you deserve it after such a busy week 🙂

  2. Revanche says:

    MoneyFunk: But of course! They’re too cute.

    You may be right, I have most of the Virgo-isms, after all. My natural shyness always battled with the Virgo need to get things done, but it’s receding into the background when it comes work and money 🙂

    I’ll have to remember to take pictures of next week’s dinner!

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