By: Revanche

Things within my control: part 4

March 5, 2009


~ What’s your Plan B? asks Free Money Finance. I continue to job hunt, though I’m taking breaks in between resumes now. Going gangbusters is good for staying in motion, but it’s also quite exhausting on top of stressful work and family environments.

~ Play my “How long can you go?” version of limbo: continue to save every penny (Just found this motivational article by PT Money about Saving Like a Madman. I don’t need the extra incentive, but it’s funny.)

~ Use my free plane ticket to treat myself to a short break for the sake of sanity. Anyone want me to come visit? 🙂 I think it has to be within the 48 contiguous.

3 Responses to “Things within my control: part 4”

  1. I hear you! Looking for work is surprisingly hard when you’re looking for “career” type stuff, not just a job. I sort of long for the days when I could just write a resume and photocopy the crap out of it, spam it out and hope for work. Now the bloody things take hours and hours to tailor to the job, the employer, etc. Its tough stuff! Good luck!

  2. E.C. says:

    I can offer you a futon in a living room in the Delta, but I suspect you could find somewhere a bit more exciting…

  3. Revanche says:

    flirty*almost*30: I know, the entry level days are far behind us now. Almost a shame, but I have to stay on some kind of upward track.

    E.C.: Well, I’ve never been to the Delta before … and less exciting = more affordable …

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