By: Revanche

Zingers, not the delicious kind

March 6, 2009

So@24’s post from a while back about family cracked me up.

I don’t know if your family is the same way, but mine takes all kinds of liberties when it comes to the subject of family and marriage. By that I mean, every possible bit of advice and nosiness that can be mustered is brought into play like a cannonade of good intentions. The latest?

Eldest Auntie: R, how old are you this year?
R: …. 26…..
EA: What? 27? 28?
R: [just opening my mouth to respond]
EA: Yes yes, ok, that’s old enough, you can get married now. Don’t wait until you’re 30, you’re old enough now! Don’t wait until you’re 30, y’hear?
R: ……. But ……. I ……. *sigh* [shake head in defeat] Yes, auntie.

Because really, what can you honestly say? And besides that, what’s the point? My family, like Dalmatians, can just go selectively deaf. There’s no point in responding.

4 Responses to “Zingers, not the delicious kind”

  1. Money Funk says:

    LOL! Your post and the link post are hilarious! I would say something to the fact like:

    Marriage is no longer needed. We can stand on our own with having a career, owning a house, having kids, etc… We don’t need no stinkin’ marriage! lol!

    Sounds good, but i know it wouldn’t work. 🙂

  2. Miss M says:

    Fortunately my family isn’t too nosy, they gave up years ago. But I get the question about grandkids from my dad once in awhile, I’ve decided that the next time he asks to say “as soon as you volunteer to pay the daycare costs!” That will shut him up.

  3. My family whispered in hushed tones about Chad & me before we got engaged. They said he was going to dump me, and that “someone ought to talk to me.”

    I laughed, but my mom got really upset.

    My older sister is getting her PhD right now, but all my mother can talk about is how she doesn’t have a boyfriend. You’d think they’d be proud, but no. Our worth is tied to the kind of man we can land. Ugh/

  4. Revanche says:

    Money Funk: Another friend suggested that I up the ante, “Ok! And how many kids should I have!?”

    *shaking head* Escalation is never a good idea.

    Miss M: LOL, hope that works!

    Paranoidasteroid: really? they mistook the calm before the proposal as the calm before a breakup? I guess they could sort of seem the same…

    It is weird how we’re still rated by our relationships rather than our personal accomplishments.

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