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Creature Comforts

April 23, 2009

Nickel’s article, Economy Got You Down? Pig Out! made me laugh out loud. Just this weekend, I was taken to the grocery store for snacks for the week because, “food is the only thing that makes you happy, at work.”

Too right!!

Forget the whole losing-your-job bit, now I have to listen to coworkers scheming to move their cash out of accounts to “prove insolvency” so they can claim their bit from unemployment and food stamps. Yeah. They’re planning to really make the most of this situation by defrauding the system to the highest extent. Money, and keeping food on the table, is not the least of my worries, but this is just wrong.

Anyway, since there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it whilst they’re plotting, I’m preventing an irrational reaction by feeding my soul. And not incidentally, my mouth 🙂

So if Nickel’s citation is true, “The calmer you feel, the less likely you’ll do something irrational,” bring on the comfort food!

This week’s treats stashed in my “drawer of inappropriate starches” (Topher, Dollhouse):

Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookies
Lemon Zest Luna Bars
Middle Eastern flatbread, and tzatziki (which is actually quite good in a breakfast burrito!)
Honey whole wheat pretzel sticks

Hmm…I’m lacking salty stuff. I’ve finally developed a taste for salt and vinegar chips which I used to hate! FB keeps talking about golden Oreos on Twitter, though, and that’s tilting the imbalance further in the direction of sweets.

I’ve also soothed my agitated soul by watching Psych and Burn Notice during my off hours. Friends with a ready supply of DVDs and comic books are great, I never watch TV in my normal life so this is like a free, at-home hiatus.

Of course, then I get to figure out how to repay friend for the loan and support. ’tis a cycle!

What nice things are you doing for yourselves these days?

11 Responses to “Creature Comforts”

  1. Miss M says:

    Um, how much you have in the bank has absolutely no effect on unemployment. Are they trying to get on welfare or food stamps, those do have means testing. Millionaires could get unemployment, it has to do with your salary and why you were laid off.

    I always have snacks and comfort foods around, eating is one of life’s pleasures. Sorry your work environment has gotten toxic, hey at least you’ll be out of there soon.

  2. DARN!

    I should try harder.

    Actually, salty + vinegary is not my deal.

    I really do prefer sweet, then salty, no vinegar at all.

    And now I’m addicted to Dollhouse

  3. Money Funk says:

    I really like the comfort food you have listed. Especially the triple ginger cookies from TJ and the Middle Eastern flatbread, and tzatziki. Did you make it or buy it? The tzatziki that is. 🙂

  4. MMMmm, i had those pretzel sticks this month. Dipped in hummus, yum. Also, made brownies last night. My grocery bill definitely went up this month!

  5. L.A. Daze says:

    Eating too much chocolate. It’s good for my soul, but not for my face! Finally, after getting ONE pimple during my teenage years, I now have 4 in one week.

  6. Oh, and the more stressed out I am, the more likely I am to watch The Hills or Real Housewives or other vapid reality shows. (but lets face it, I tune into The Hills even when things are good.)

  7. Sense says:

    It is SO TRUE! that food can make a work day so much easier. I’m sorry your in the thick of it, co-worker-wise, but karma will get them, if not the gub’ment.

    i’m sure your friend is happy to help–when i’m helping a friend, i’m just glad that anything i’m doing is making it a little easier on them. unfortunately, his/her time will come when she/he needs someone, and then it’ll be your turn to give support! a ‘thank you’ will probably suffice until then…

    I think we’ve covered all my (comfort) bases here: bad reality TV, hulu/online shows, carb-o-riffic snacks, chocolate…

    I also love sleeping/naps, thai takeout, baking, calling overseas friends and family, and my dance and pilates classes. these are the highlights of my weeks and days…and is what is getting me through right now.

  8. Sense says:

    what is a ‘golden oreo?’

  9. Sense says:

    and i’m adding dollhouse to my list of shows to check out. love me some joss!!

  10. eemusings says:

    Treats aren’t treats unless they’re sweet imo :). Although, I’ve recently rediscovered my love for salt and vinegar chips too! But it’s a bit too intense for me, so I have to space them out…a bag lasts me a whole week. Which isn’t a bad thing…

    And I second the question – what is a golden oreo?

  11. Revanche says:

    Miss M: They’re doing that for the food stamps.
    9 more weeks!

    FB: Hah. I keep enabling you to enable me. Vicious cycle, that.

    I never used to be able to deal with salty or vinegary tastes, even Sour Patch kids made me pucker and tear up. (Wuss!)

    Can’t believe they’re canceling Dollhouse >:(

    MoneyFunk: The tzatziki was store-bought since it was my first taste of it. It’s pretty good!

    stackingpennies: I was tempted to pick up the basil and tomato hummus while I was at it. That might be next week’s treat!

    Vapid shows are more comforting than they should be. 🙂

    L.A. Daze: My four greet your four. What a lovely week this is. 😛
    I don’t understand why the teenage years have to make a comeback in our skin along with the 80s fashion.

    Sense: You’re probably right. About the friend at least, karma doesn’t seem to have touched the instigator and she’s going on 50 with a history of trouble-making under her belt. Very skilled at twisting the rules every which way, that one.

    Sleeping is awesome. And I miss it.

    Golden Oreos are the vanilla flavored Oreos. And are oh-delish!

    We have GOT to petition Fox to keep Dollhouse on the air.

    eemusings: Totally understand the sweet tooth. I’d like to think it’s not that I’m growing out of loving sweet treats, I’m expanding my stress relief repertoire. 😀

    I can’t tolerate many salt & vinegar chips in a go, either. Probably why I’ve never bought a whole bag just for myself, I might never finish it!

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