By: Revanche

Feeling like a winner

April 5, 2009

Crystal from Brunette on a Budget shared with me a bit of flattery on her blog a few days ago, naming me one of her favorite seven blogs. Aw shucks, thank you!

And courtesy of that list, I’m enjoying a listen-in to Madame Bonjour‘s playlist which features some tracks from Carla Bruni’s latest CD. I’ve never listened to French music before, it’s intriguing. I also can’t understand a word of it. 🙂

Saturday morning I awoke to the exciting news that I’d won one of Flexo’s ten TurboTax Premier Online giveaway codes. My fingers were crossed because I wanted to provide this to a close friend, April 15th is fast approaching. Is it weird that it’s almost more exciting that I won it so I could give it to someone I care about?

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