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Weekend Report

April 5, 2009

Of all weekends to report, this has to be one of the laziest since I was nine.

Saturday: Spent a cumulative 3.5 hours on the phone catching up with random friends who called and wanted to marathon chat. Was astoundingly fatigued all day, so, I watched 5 episodes of Dollhouse. I meant to watch one, but … they had five posted. Sometimes I get obsessive like that. Oh yes, and I spent $140 (to start) on this bridesmaid dress in eggplant from Alfred Angelo. Of course it’s a junior bridesmaid size that I bought, so I hope it won’t need major tailoring. [And if anyone has a clue how to make my hair look like that? That’d be awesome!]

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That expense was a complete surprise. I was informed via text message that very afternoon that our plans to “wear whatever you have” had changed to “we need your sizing to order your dress right now.” *sigh* O, Bridesmaidery….

Grocery shopping on the way home was consciously restrained: I was starving and didn’t want to go overboard. I’m trying the TJ’s enchiladas (cheese, beef and chicken) for $1.69/package. Also, their Thai yellow curry and garlic naan bread. I’m thinking of trying scrambled eggs and potatoes with the yellow curry for lunch. Ooh, also, I bought a ten-pack of frozen hash browns. Yummm… total spend was $11.97.

Sunday: Another laaaazy day. Walked over to Fresh and Easy to pick up some eggs (99 cents/dzn) and asparagus (99 cents/lb). The weird thing was they’d clearanced out the old 9-oz. asparagus bundles, as they do, for 50% off, but it was more expensive than the 1-lb sale packages. I’m glad I was paying attention to the pricing and packaging!

And talk about your friendly neighborhood store! I discovered that they have this little Kitchen section where an employee cooks foods for sampling. They had iced lemonade with strawberries, Clementines, and lemon iced cakes laying out for sampling, with a ham in the oven. My timing was excellent. When I asked the lady about her opinion of the breads since I hate trying new, disappointingly dry, sandwich breads, she grabbed a new loaf off the shelf and made me an open-face ham and cheese sandwich! She reminded me to be sure and sample anything else I might be unsure about in the store; the employee running the Kitchen is allowed to open and serve any foods. Isn’t that cool? I didn’t end up buying the bread right away because I’d intended to buy a small package of ham to go with it; they only had ham shanks the size of 1.5 heads.

On the walk home, I played with the neighborhood Chihuahuas running through everyone’s yards. Really, they played with my feet.

Made a quick stop at Vons for a box of $4.88 Clementine Cuties and a block of sweet butter for the next batch of Mac’n’Cheese.

I think this week’s menu will include breakfast burritos, hash browns, roasted or steamed asparagus, some sort of creative curry (scrambled eggs and asparagus? and potatoes? and tuna?) and garlic naan, TJ’s enchiladas, and a lot of Clementines.

Now I’ve got my feet up waiting for the wash cycle to complete and debating how much I like these Charles David shoes (on sale for $20).

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2 Responses to “Weekend Report”

  1. Karen says:

    Cute shoes! What would you wear them with? I just bought some shoes from 6pm unfortunately the 5.5 doesn’t fit- the heel strap is too loose. I forgot about that problem that I have.

  2. Revanche says:

    karen: I was thinking I have a lot of plain solid colors (blacks, whites, grays, and blues) that I could wear with it. Except the sale is over. 🙁

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