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Fun with words

May 21, 2009

Friend’s husband, let’s call him A, causes the funniest conversations:

A’s wife: Did you see that Dilbert cartoon A sent me? He asked if that was why I married him.
A: Well, I AM financially stable.

A’s friend’s wife: Well, you know, financial stability is how those nerds get the hot wives. Even the really ugly ones!
A: Hey!
A’s friend’s wife: No, I mean, you know, my husband is a nerd! [Her husband and A work together.]
R: Good job, friend. I think this means you’re the hot one.
A: HEY!! Why are you calling me ugly??

R: Hey guys, how long does your dishwasher take to run a full cycle?
A and wife: Dunno.
A: R, you’re such a calculating person.
R: [pause] Are you sure that’s what you mean?
A: Calculatory?
R: I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Does it? Do YOU?
A: Uhhhh……
R: Ok, did you mean it in a mean way?
A: Uhhhh……
R: Never mind. I’m doing laundry now.


Should I sell my 30G video iPod? I haven’t used it since I got my iPhone, but I do not plan to keep the iPhone forever, or upgrade to the latest & greatest iPhone, either.

A fellow train rider offered to look at and buy it.

[I wonder if the iPod function still works on the iPhone if the phone is deactivated. Must go Google this ….]

Edit: According to AppleInsider, deactivated phones can still be used for all non-cellular phone activities, rendering it a default iPod Touch. I won’t be able to restore iTunes or upgrade it, but I doubt that I would bother anyway. Also, it can still access Wifi. Sweet!

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  1. Oh, I love Dilbert. It so closely correlates to my own life sometimes.

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