By: Revanche

May Snapshot

May 31, 2009

Retirement Savings

Roth IRA: $3,843
401(a): $7,226
403(b): $16,471
Total: $ 27,540 (24,972)

Emergency Savings

Catastrophe: $ 29,594
Problem Cushion: $ 1,000
Total: $ 30,594 (30,352)

Short Term Goals

Car Maintenance: $1,068
Insurance: $2,541
Travel/Con: $401
Taxes: $3,369
Moving: $3,472
Total: $ 10,851 (10,842)

Long Term Goals

House Down Payment: $101

Investment Loans

Prosper-ish: $12,630
Personal Loan: $2,000
Savings Bond: $362 (current accrued value)
Total: $ 14,992 (14,992)

Total Assets

Illiquid: $ 27,540
Semi-Liquid: $14,992
Liquid: $30,594
Expense Acct: $9,540
Goals Savings: $10,851
Total: $ 93,517 (91,118)

Debt and Liabilities

AX: $154
Chase: $1,850
Rent: $0
Total: $ 2,004 (2,187)

Net Worth

$ 91,513 (88,931)

There wasn’t a whole lot of change this month other than dumping more into my retirement accounts. I did spend a lot, though, and I’m relieved that the damage doesn’t appear to be much worse.

The end of next month should be much more exciting!

Addendum: Clearly, I was too lazy to make any real comments when I first posted this. The overall numbers look goodish, but the reality is I saved next to nothing in cash, and spent a lot. More than half the credit card balance is covered by the car insurance fund, but the absolute numbers are still ridiculously high for someone approaching unemployment.

I’m not fussing about it, but I am publicly noting that the spending needs to stop or slow down to a trickle.

On the other hand, I AM flush with cash enough to be much more flexible in my approach to paychecks and bills. I kicked up my 403(b) contribution for one paycheck to the max, which leaves me with next to nothing in my second June check. There’s plenty of money in the expense fund, so that’s no sweat. And I’m getting my final check, complete with vacation hours, two weeks after the non-check, so there’s really no stress on that front. Being responsible is so worth this flexibility!

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