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Story of one NYC lifestyle

July 17, 2009

Photo credit: Me! [4th of July BBQ]

Good grief!

A SBO friend relayed the story of a customer, Z, to me recently. Some months ago, Z purchased apparel as a gift to a gorgeous model-ish gal who decided that said apparel (and accessories) would become symbols of the success of their relationship.

If she decided to keep the gifts, they were on.

If she decided to return them, she was rejecting him.

Almost unsurprisingly, the chap received notice that the gifts were wending their way back to his possession, cultural differences cited as the reason for their failure as a couple. Though “disappointed,” the fella already “has another girl in the works” and rattles off the names of the designers New Gal swoons over, adding the suggestion that he is perhaps in over his head.

I’ll say! Then again, she’s got good taste, as do I. 😉 In dresses, not in men! Er …. her, not … never mind. I’m just saying that, perhaps, if the best description of a potential partner you’re able to provide is that of his or her labels, there’s not much of a foundation for a strong relationship than one might hope.

Or am I the hopeless romantic here? Is this typical of the high-powered, big-money types of relationships?

4 Responses to “Story of one NYC lifestyle”

  1. L.A. Daze says:

    It’s all about the guy’s ego – to see if he can provide for his woman. Rich guys just have a different way about it! Plus, every guy like to please in one way or another. Of course, there are also the rich guys who like to test a woman by being super stingy with them and seeing if she sticks around. Never a fan of that.

  2. Sounds like a simple business proposition to me. Nevertheless, still kind of effed up

  3. Sounds like the guy has the makings of a serial marrier: one wife after another. He may make it big in the financial department, but he’ll always be a loser.

  4. FabMoneyLife says:

    That is ridiculous. It’s just like the post I just put up about the girl in NYC worrying that the 1.81 ct engagement ring her bf got her wasn’t big enough.

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