By: Revanche

Opting out, and why

October 19, 2009

As the weeks go by, engagements are piling up right and left, and my travel obligations are too.  New York, Hawaii, New York for a wedding (?), Greece for another (?), and now a fishing trip?

I had to say no.  Though, it was my own darned idea!  I haven’t gone fishing, properly fishing, since I was eight. And I hadn’t seen these friends in 3 years, they wanted to go fishing, perfect, no?  But I didn’t realize that even though the timing was right, a 24-hour fishing trip in Ensenada, the money was not. It was estimated to run right around $75 or more, and this after I’d already committed to a thing on the East Coast in two weeks, and Hawaii two weeks after that.  The travel fund is already gasping, I don’t have the extra $75.

And if I did, honestly, I’d rather it went to Rina’s best friend who just lost her husband.  The donation I could send seems too paltry.  So even though it was my big mouth that started the ball rolling on planning a fishing trip, you’ve got to pick and choose sometimes, and this is one of those times. And every other invitation that involves more than $10 a pop will likely be one of those times, too.

2 Responses to “Opting out, and why”

  1. Agreed

    It’s why I can’t keep going back and forth to another city — it gets too expensive

  2. Revanche says:

    I miss the days of <$100 RT airfare ....

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