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Eating out in Hawaii

November 27, 2009

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Of course, you can’t cook every meal when you’re vacationing in Hawaii for the first time ever!  We had some very nice meals out and the prices reinforced our decision to be frugal at least half the time.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck on the North Shore: $13 per plate of shrimp scampi, $1 drink

Dole Plantation: Plate lunch ($9) and Pineapple Whip dessert ($4):
Happy Hour at Kona Brewing Co.: 4 beers, 1 6-oz. sampler beer for me, 3 appetizers ($33 after tip; party of three)

Dinner at Cafe Sistina: $41 per person, included 4 shared appetizers and 2 bottles of wine; party of 9

Buffet lunch at Indigo in Honolulu: $25 per person; party of 7 [You might not be able to tell, but there are about 15 different items on that plate. I was stuffed.]

We also had a mindblowing dinner at Lucy’s but I forgot my memory card at home.  *heartbroken*  We were treated to that meal by our local friends, and the entrees were around $25 each.  The ahi tower was beyond fresh, the braised lamb just feel off the bone, and the coconut cranberry rice was amazingly moist and flavorful.

The costs were shared for a number of meals – we took turns treating each other so that the spending was relatively even across the board.  Still, you can see how quickly you could spend hundreds just on eating!  Luckily, that’s what a vacation is all about.  😉

5 Responses to “Eating out in Hawaii”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think those are reasonable prices; comparable to what I might pay here (if I ate seafood)…but it adds up since it’s a daily thing being on vacation.


  2. SS4BC says:

    Man… that food looks delicious… makes my sandwich for lunch look pathetic!

  3. L.A. Daze says:

    The shrimp looks so succulent. I just want to reach in and grab a handful.

  4. Revanche says:

    @ Karen: I was advised that I should eat all the seafood I could since it’s so fresh there. And it was!

    @ SS4BC: All the food I’ve had since has paled in comparison. Including Thanksgiving! But that’s mostly because I <3 seafood so much.

    @ L.A. Daze: And I’m regretting sharing a plate, should have had a whole one all to myself! YUM.

  5. eemusings says:

    You’re torturing me here, lady! 🙂 Wish I was there.

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