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Super Saturday

April 24, 2010

This is one of the less awesome Saturdays because frankly, this week bit.  My homemade chicken soup (above) would really hit the spot.  Unfortunately, it didn’t survive past the cook night. It was that good 🙂 It was a very simple soup made with homemade stock, a little salt and pepper and fresh veggies. 

It’s been a rough week – I’m dragging after an 8-9 hour day, and by Friday I’m drained to the dregs.  I was concerned about getting back into the groove of a working schedule, and thus far my concerns were merited.  This is the first weekend I’m deliberately not cooking for a week and cleaning because I have got to get some rest.  And I’m taking advantage of the extended Spa Week deal at a local spa – maybe a hot stone massage will alleviate some of this pain.  Luckily, the FSA is set up so that should defray the cost. 

Family’s got me on the ropes, as usual. Mom was released last night, but Dad’s considering pursuing some alternative treatments which means I need to come up with another $500 a month to pay for it.  I don’t mind the cost, it’s just going to be rough getting even more creative.

Some links to love 

Simple in France recounts the long term effects of her no-shopping-ban. I think it lines up well with my theory that shopping is habitual and conforms with Newton’s laws of physics: shopping set in motion tends to stay in motion; not shopping tends to stay in not shopping mode.  Something like that.

Frugal Scholar’s had a taste of blog anxiety to go with her broccoli soup; I’m certainly not immune to her feelings: “And, of course, I am somewhat paralyzed by the desire to write a killer post.” I try to make my peace with the fact that readers who actually like me when they happen upon me, not just on a good post day, will be the ones who stay and converse. 

Funny About Money’s hit the wardrobe motherlode

I’m intrigued by Crystal’s list of what she and her husband don’t skimp on; I’m curious what my list would look like.

Miss M has some good news on the raise front.

Well-Heeled chooses to stay put because her landlords are mindreaders and feed her to keep her as a tenant. At least that’s my theory.

7 Responses to “Super Saturday”

  1. Transitions are soooo hard. Have hou ever made ribollita? It’s an Italian soup–basically minestrone thickened with stale bread. IF you save a teeny bit of your chicken soup, you can get another meal out of it that way. It’s delicious, esp with some parmesan and olive oil added.

  2. yummm love this soup .. look good. i m a soup monster

  3. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. Hope the new job gets less tiring as you get to know the ropes.

  4. L.A. Daze says:

    I haven’t made soup in months (I dislike cutting up all those veggies) but your soup looks so good. I am now inspired!

    Oh but wait…have to go to the store to buy all the veggies. Forget it. Your soup porn will do.

  5. Mike says:

    wow – I didn’t know that you could use your FSA for a spa visit.

    Not that I go to spas or anything – but if I did, I’d be all over that.

  6. Looks delicious…

    Hoping you get rest this week and that the spa trip helps you!

    Has your brother been behaving the past few days?

  7. Revanche says:

    @Frugal Scholar: I should know better than to expect a complete transition in less than a month, but I never really do!

    I’ve not made ribollita but I intend to make your broccoli soup!

    @livemylifebetter: You’re not the only one!

    @The Lost Goat: Thank you!

    @L.A.Daze: I wonder if you could just buy mirepoix from TJs and use that instead. All your precut veggies needed for a basic soup!

    @Mike: Only because it’s treatment for a medical condition to which my doctor will attest by letter.

    @Rina: That spa trip DID help, but I have no idea if he’s behaving. Honestly I’m afraid to call and find out because every time I call it’s bad news.

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