By: Revanche

May Snapshot

May 30, 2010

This month shows an interesting slide in both assets (primarily investments) and a nearly equal drop in expenses. Those expenses were mostly relocation-related, this month’s cash usage was pretty much the renters insurance policies I bought.  

It is a little disappointing that the $5K/5K challenge doesn’t show up significantly on this snapshot, but that’s  because it’s lost in the overall picture.  As a detail, it plumped up the emergency fund a good amount. I have plans for that emergency fund – a lot of that cash will be going into a long-term CD to earn as much interest as possible until rates go up elsewhere.  Perhaps I could even “part” with $20K?  *shudder*

I’m a cash hoarder and it’s distinctly weird to lock up more than half my cash, but it’s time to crush that kind of emotional saving!

I continue on the last leg of the Challenge this week and then have to decide the next step of my overall financial plan to supplement my income this year. 

2 Responses to “May Snapshot”

  1. I’m right there with you. I have about $40k in cash right now. I have a student loan that I should pay off but I just can’t part with that much cash at one time. I’ve done it before to pay off my credit card debt and it’s taken my awhile to build it back up.

  2. Revanche says:

    @Single Guy Money: Is your cash just sitting in the savings account, then?

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