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Sleepy Sunday: The shrimp are the silent killers

May 2, 2010

What happened?  I dreamed that my staff were plotting an insurrection because apparently my boss was an alky, and they were in trouble for bringing dozens of differently sized exercise balls into the office.  ??? 

It’s been hours since I finally succumbed to the dim sum shrimp punching me in the face and knocking my brain fuzzy.  You’ve really gotta watch it with that dim sum – half a chance and the carbs and the fats work their diversionary magic and POW! The shrimp get ya. 

In lieu of caffeine, this Hand Ninja helped wake me up with her calisthenics (no idea what the last bit is all about).

Though dim sum is really fun, the only dish that really gets me there are the steamed and baked BBQ pork buns because I love love love BBQ pork and can’t make the buns at home. I might be able to figure it out one day but for now, I’m happy with bringing home the occasional delicious bun treat.

Speaking of treats, our meal was a treat as well. The bill for 4 people after tip was $55 which wasn’t bad considering we had SIXTEEN dishes (mostly small and medium) and works out to less than $14 per person.  While I try to spend less than that on food for an entire day, it’s doped me up enough that I probably won’t eat again until late tonight. 🙂

2 Responses to “Sleepy Sunday: The shrimp are the silent killers”

  1. Mmm. Dim sum with shrimp are my favourites!

    -shrimp dumping
    -shrimp spring roll
    -deep fried shrimp dumping
    -rice roll with shrimp

    Mmm… =)…

  2. Revanche says:

    @The Asian Pear: I LOVE the taste, but they’re so dangerous! I always wonder if I’m going to make it home by the time I’m done eating.

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