By: Revanche

A Family Relocation

June 15, 2010

If it’s true that my brother may actually leave the house, there are a lot of decisions to be made. So many that my brain resolutely walls off that side of reality because it knows it can’t face up to the facts yet.  Blogging it is my way of thwarting my own brain.

I need to find new housing for my parents, and determine if my dog can live with me. Poor pup’s old and her knees are possibly as bad as mine are! Not to mention that the entire weather system is totally different from home – I worry it would affect her as seriously as it’s done me. 

My furniture and other belongings left at the house have to be moved with them or to me. Insurances will have to change, movers have to be called, tons of *stuff* has to be recycled or disposed of.

An outline’s all I can handle right now. That and starting to figure out how much to save and how to earn even more income so I can afford to make it happen. Maybe I’ll vision board it like FB’s recommending for travel. Heck, why not?

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5 Responses to “A Family Relocation”

  1. Jersey Mom says:

    Sorry you have to deal with moving yet again. Perhaps your parents will move to your current location? Unless they’re just more comfortable in the area where they are now. It’s been a busy year for you…

  2. Things just keep popping up for you…I’m so sorry. Good luck with making your outline. Try not to look at the whole to do list at once…if you just take it a thing at a time, you’ll feel less stressed (usually).

    Your brother is an ass…

    BTW, for those of us that just found your blog in the last couple of months, why would your parents need to move if your brother leaves? I thought he was a drain not a help….

  3. Gosh, that’s going to be difficult.

    Any chance they can afford a life-care community? It’s expensive on the surface, but it covers a lot of costs one would otherwise be paying anyway (such as food, transportation, and utility bills). Plus the places usually have an employee who runs interference with the bureaucracies for the residents.

    Also if a nursing home is on the premises, effectively the monthly payment is the same as long-term care insurance, and you know where they’re going to go when the time comes that they need nursing care.

    Some are now rentals, instead of forcing you to buy in with a chunk of your life savings.

    My great-aunt moved into one in Oakland, which was said to be very nice. Not sure where it was–I think it was near the lake. That was some years ago, and so it may not be as swell today.

    Might be worth looking into…it would lift some of the weight of this responsibility from your shoulders.

  4. Gosh. It’s always one thing or another. I’m sorry to hear of this big mess. 🙁

  5. Revanche says:

    @Jersey Mom: I can’t afford to relo them to the Bay Area, the COL is too high, and it would separate them from all familial support. It’s not much but it helps keep my dad sane.

    @Crystal: Thanks, and agreed. And agreed. 😉

    It’s not because he’s a help, not at all.

    I want my parents in a home that he can’t move back into if he leaves. The house they’re in now has enough space for a 3rd person, and I don’t want him to have a way to return to harass them. If he wants to be near them, he has to support himself.

    And if he doesn’t voluntarily leave, when I’ve saved enough money to move them to a good place, he’s out on his butt INvoluntarily.

    @Funny: Hah, oh VH, they can afford what I can afford. They don’t have any assets at all, so I pay for everything. That’s why I’ve been scrabbling to save up again so I can afford a community for them should that be the best place.

    I would be open to suggestions about facilities, though, because I have to be prepared for the cost and everything associated.

    @AP: Thanks for the thoughts.

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