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Adventures. We had ’em.

June 20, 2010

Weekend “Best Of” List

Best line: “I need to jump at least one curb.” (driving a 2-person surrey holding 3 people)

Best laugh: Watching as my friend decided to “rodeo” the wooden horse mounted on a spring, and sl-l-l-ooowwwwwww-ly tilt and fall off the side. She was parallel to the ground, hanging on for dear life, until she lost her grip and *thumped* gently down that last inch.

Best food: Lunch at a completely empty sushi restaurant. Delicious food, great portions and 100% service from the only person working ($75).

or wait, maybe it was my asparagus risotto with Creole shrimp with roasted potatoes and onions next to a green salad!  That was pretty darn good and only $15 for three meals.

Best pain:  Sore bums after hitting the race slides built for kids half our size. Best 5 out of 7 for the privilege of paying for groceries.

Best view: Staring off the coast toward Sausalito and the GG Bridge to watch two intrepid swimmers making their way out to sea.

Best adventure: Renting a surrey for an hour ($20), offroading said surrey, crashing downhill at unsafe speeds.  Taking the surrey off the proscribed paths to the Academy of Sciences, discovering free Ben and Jerry’s, chatting with strangers, petted three dogs, having our picture taken by the B&J employee because we were “cute,” and getting free flash drives for taking pictures with their cows.  Oh, and getting my pants stuck to the surrey while sitting on the front basket bars. 

Best new food discovery: Cinderella’s Bakery has authentic Russian food served by what I’m convinced are authentic Russian People.  They were excellent and so was the food ($32). 

Best laugh at other people (not my friends):  Wildlife volunteers at a preserve were treed by a baby skunk.

Best realization:  I think I’m ready to settle down a bit. Not stop traveling and become a total hermit, but settle down and accept this as my home for now. And that means I. Want. A. DOG.  (Most particularly mine, but if she can’t tolerate this weather, I won’t do it to her.)  Visiting the humane society reminded me of how much I miss having animals in my life and even if I can’t have one dog to bring home now, I’d like to start volunteering.

Also, the idea of marriage (and maybe even a teeny-tiny wedding of some sort) doesn’t send me into dry heaves or a panic attack. Huh.

It wasn’t the cheapest weekend but mostly for my friends. I fail at beating these friends to the check most times because they’re bigger than me and paying any meal checks has become a contact sport. I did manage to pay for most of the groceries, only just, but they got me back by sending a $100 SpaFinder gift certificate.  *eyeroll*  What the heck, people?  I’m hosting you!  Let me do my thing! But I made them delicious breakfasts and one dinner, that’ll show them!  Right?  Right?

There were some excellent photos but not on my camera. Must finagle.

7 Responses to “Adventures. We had ’em.”

  1. Shelley says:

    So glad to hear about you having fun. You normally sound very serious and sometimes rather sad. Being with friends and laughing is just the best, isn’t it?

  2. Sense says:

    that sounds like an awesome time! SF is the best!

    Do you think you’re able to have more fun now that the parental situation isn’t in your face every day, or do you worry more now that you have some distance between y’all?

    and you are growing up *sniff*. I was 30 before I started to want to ‘settle down’ and the idea of marriage didn’t paralyze me in terror. Jealous at the idea of a dog. 🙂 DO IT!!

  3. Sense says:

    also, what is a ‘surrey?’ sounds like british to me.

  4. Ruth says:

    That sounds like a lovely weekend! And I’m glad you’re sounding happier, settling, looking at puppies, etc. The ones you sent me look adorable. 🙂

    Marriage is pretty cozy too, with the right guy. Weddings….well, itty bitty ones can be quite relaxed.

  5. That’s how I ended up getting married. . . One day I realized that the idea of getting hitched didn’t make my panic anymore!

  6. Woot! You had a good time! Yay!

    BTW, your description of your friend and the spring horse made me giggle like crazy! Your marriage paralyzation sounds like the thing that happens to me when people mention that it’s about time for me to have babies…

    I can vouch that marriage to the right person is awesome and small weddings kick butt. 🙂

  7. Revanche says:

    @Shelley: I do tend to be on the serious side … but I love a good giggle. And the photos are hilarious! I wish they were shareable.

    @Sense: Both, actually. My worry shows up in my frequent nightmares and anxiety about money (because there’s nothing I can do about the health), but the fact that I don’t literally come home to it anymore makes an enormous difference.

    🙂 I’m not too far behind you, y’know 😉

    A surrey is like a golf cart in shape but each seat is a set of bicycle pedals so you can Flintstone-style bike 🙂

    @Ruth: Negotiations continue apace on the definition of an acceptable wedding. 🙂

    @DebtFree Girl: Isn’t that the weirdest realization? 🙂

    @BFS: I did! It was so awesome I think it directly led to a “great” week at work. (ie: not nearly as bad as ever before)

    Babies still make me seize up, though. The idea of having them, not being around them.

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