By: Revanche

What a pain in the neck

June 28, 2010

It’s time. It’s more than time.  Given all my health spasms, the delay makes absolutely no sense but it should.  Going to a new doctor to explain all my issues (pronounce: “iss-seeuuwws”) from the last 15 years transports me into the state of denial and aggro. 

It’s dumb.  Absolutely dumb. I know it but there’s something that’s balked at having to start that Find a New Doctor and Start Over nonsense. That would be the memory of 10 years of being bounced from doctor to doctor who all told me it was in my head, that my pain was imaginary, that no one my age could be experiencing what I was, in fact, experiencing.  Jerks. 

Anyway, no more delaying tactics – I’m going to start going to the doctor so I can find a good doctor. As much as I hate the rigamarole, I have to start somewhere and at least I’m not a confused, shy, teenager in too much pain to stand up for herself. 

I’m compiling a single page document to summarize the past 15 years of tests, meds and exams and bringing it with me – that’ll save time.

And the bigger pain is the literal one in my neck and shoulders that tighten up to iron-rod strength every time I get stressed or something else hurts.  It’s just foolish to not try and fix *that.*

Wish me luck!


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5 Responses to “What a pain in the neck”

  1. Bucksome says:

    Did you ask your SoCal doctor for a referral? He/She might have a colleague in your area.

    Just a thought. Good luck in the search!

  2. Sense says:

    Yeah, ditto as above, and I bet there are recommended docs in your area from people who have similar ailments as you online.

    that’s how I found a doc in Auckland that is reputed to take people like me seriously (like you, I have yet to go, but I feel better having a destination whenever winter kicks my symptoms into high gear and i figure out the bus schedule out there).

  3. eemusings says:

    Great idea on the document! You need something like a medical resume. Instead of illustrating your skills/accomplishments, though, more like a summary of all your ailments in detail and treatments tried and failed.

  4. Bucksome & Sense have a good idea. Also, if your particular ailment has a society or other group with an online presence, they may list some recommended docs.

    Also, I’ve heard that Angie’s List is now including doctors. You have to pay a small subscription fee to belong to Angie’s List, but now that you have a nice salary you can afford it. It really is a good resource.

    It REALLY is annoying when you can’t get a doctor to take you seriously. Women in particular, IMHO, have historically been patronized in this way. There now must be some sort of training to alert doctors to that habit, though, because in recent years it seems as though they’re not so egregious as they used to be.

  5. Revanche says:

    @Bucksome: I did but he wasn’t familiar with anyone in his specialty in this area. He’s HMO so takes advantage of the fact he’s not really required to be part of an academic environment.

    @Sense: A friend whose mother ails from the same had recommended some online resources so I’m trying it out.

    @eemusings: That was helpful, it turns out, since my medical records have yet to transfer.

    @Funny: One sticky point is that this ailment COULD be masquerading as another so that’s a bit frustrating.

    Your mention of a nice salary made me snicker though. 🙂 It’s not bad for the industry and the area but it’s less than before AND I spend the majority on my parents leaving just enough for the basics for myself. So I remain hesitant to deploy any resources without much careful consideration.

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