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June Snapshot, belatedly

July 11, 2010

With a few minor deviations, like having paid rent for July already, I’ve pulled together what should pretty accurately reflect my financial month of June.  I keep wondering if I should continue to post these reports. They were always meant to keep me accountable and make it really easy to keep track of whether or not I’m making progress, but there’s the niggling thought that perhaps it comes off as bragging after you reach a certain point. 

The seemingly “steady” creep up is just the aftereffects of the great push, also known as: $5K/5K challenge. Not a penny was from regular earnings, almost every cent of that is being spent on regular expenses.

There’s something that I’ll soon, in the spirit of full financial disclosure, share with you in a future post that has radically affected my finances recently.

In the meantime, however, there are things that have to change about the picture you see above.

One, there haven’t been any contributions in my retirement accounts since I started this job. That’s because, dear friends, I’ve been a slacker in the last two months and couldn’t decide what to do about that blasted 401(k) issue.  I hate passing on free money vs. I’m not convinced the match (total of 4% to my 5%, I misread the literature before) is worth the extra fees.

Two, I’ve been paying all my parents’ expenses since leaving, but I keep wondering if there’s a way I can squeeze out a little more to give them a small cash allowance as well.  Although they have my credit cards, I know there’s something disheartening about never having real money on hand.  That may not be possible though, because point three is…

I’d like to have at least $1,000 saved just for their dental expenses. The moving fund is in ok shape, not enough for deposits, a move, and all that yet, but I also need another $1,000 for their dental. Their coverage is, frankly, crap.

I was going to keep going but this is going to turn into a wish list if I do.  Best to stick with these for now.

4 Responses to “June Snapshot, belatedly”

  1. I have that same feeling too.. but quite honestly, I only post it once a month….

  2. I like seeing how other people are doing financially. It doesn’t come off as bragging to me at all.

  3. Sense says:

    Your ‘bragging’ is my inspiration. 🙂 how you kept your NW above 100K even during unemployment…brilliance.

  4. Brag away!!! None of us actually see it as bragging. If it helps you reach your goals, then by all means, post away!

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