By: Revanche

October Snapshot

October 31, 2010

Back on the horse!  

Contrary to last month’s assertion that I was going to just move forward and not look back, I took some time to fill in all the blanks of the past weeks’ spending and income. It didn’t take more than an hour or so and helped PiC and I have a good conversation about getting to grips with our spending as a household.

That was long overdue and makes me feel one heck of a lot better about now having a plan.  We’ve got a spending spreadsheet so we’re both updating to see the same picture together and will be targeting a $400 monthly food budget.  [Yes, we eat too much. We’re cooking at home a lot more but we are piggies and one of us treats other people far too much. Ahem.]

One of my private loans came up this month, hence the leap from $12,630 to $15,900.  I’m looking to reinvest again so that means I’ll keep the bit over $3000 and throw the $12,630 back into the investing pool.  It takes nearly five years to come due so it’s what I’d consider a mid-term investment.

I also banked that surprise bonus and snowflaked all my bits of freelancey income towards the travel fund. It’s a little selfish since the other practical funds need attention but they will always be supplemented by the expense fund if necessary. The travel fund doesn’t get that luxury – it’s either funded or I don’t travel.

November’s rent is already covered because of a really stupid mistake.  The October rent was already paid at the end of September but because it came out in the month of September, my brain didn’t click and I jumped mid-October to the conclusion that I hadn’t paid so I cut another check.  Everyone roll your eyes with me. Who pays rent twice in a month??  Still, let’s take it as a good sign that it didn’t break the bank. 

Speaking of banks, I moved a big chunk of money to Smarty Pig just in time for them to drop the interest rate to 1.75%, which is still higher than the 1.1% at ING.  Excellent timing, self.

Overall, since I’m still occasionally sneezing about my parents’ financial situation via my financial situation, I’m still on the prowl for better places to store my money for higher interest rates (hah) and more income-producing opportunities.

5 Responses to “October Snapshot”

  1. Don’t feel so bad. I made the same mistake, putting $2000 on a credit card to pay off an item, only to realize I paid it off yesterday

    Hello $2000 credit. That’ll take me forever to use up…

  2. Jenna says:

    Looking good! Congrats on the bonus!

  3. livetochew says:

    400 bucks for food? How did you guys do it? My wife and I are struggling to stay under $600… and we don’t even eat out all that much…

  4. Money Funk says:

    Hey Revanche, I am studying the lifestyles of the rich and famous (you and FB) ;)!. How do you allocate your money % per month? I guess I am more curious if you have a set % per month that is sent to savings and/or retirement.

    Being so young.. you both have made fabulous leadway.

  5. Revanche says:

    @FB: Aw snap. Will they send you the balance back? Our credit cards will, I just give them a call and ask for a check.

    @Jenna: Thank you.

    @livetochew: To be clear, we haven’t hit that YET, it’s our new goal. I think it’s going to be tough but he proposed the goal so I’m going to let it ride and see how it goes.

    @MoneyFunk: Oh you are too funny! “rich and famous” nothing!

    I used to have a very set percentage sent to retirement but anytime I thought there was some flex in my budget, I’d either increase the retirement by 1% or throw the cash into savings.

    At the moment, I have 6% going into retirement w/only 10% cash going into savings which is less than half my usual savings rate.

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