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Welcome to winterwear

October 26, 2010

Winter is fast approaching, and while PiC regularly twits me about what I think is cold, we both know my winter wardrobe is woefully lacking. I have one really good knee-length BCBG coat, lined with a gorgeous silk, bought years ago, one hip length pea coat, a lightweight knee-length trench coat, and four sweaters of varying weight.  In combination with a couple of basic scarves from H&M, I always figured that was good enough but that won’t do here.

Even if it doesn’t get much colder, SF will get much wetter! The rain has already begun so actual raingear is in order. For my upcoming travel to colder climes, a raincoat, a set of hat, scarves, gloves and boots are an absolute necessity.  Time’s running out so I cracked my online shopping knuckles and got to work. 

I’ve picked up three more long sleeved shirts from Ann Taylor marked down to the standard $20/shirt that I have had to pay for that kind of layer because I wear the heck out of the three long sleeved shirts that I currently own already. They’re already starting to show a bit of wear because they’re so frequently used. If I find a better bargain for equal quality, though, I’m happy to go with that! It’s a shame I don’t have time to trek out to the outlets.

One major coup was scored last week: I have acquired my very first pair of rainboots!

Thanks to the lovely PetiteAsianGirl‘s recommendation, I tried the dav City Rain Boots. I wanted them in classic black, but they were full price ($49.99) in black and on sale for $35.66 at Amazon where I could get free 2-day shipping in a different color.

Houndstooth is just as classic and a wee bit more interesting so I’m now the proud owner of these darlings:

I still don’t actually know what you DO with them, precisely … I wear slacks and trousers and hate carrying anything more than is absolutely necessary but would I have to wear socks with these and pack flats to change into?  I only wear trouser jeans when I wear jeans to work – must I switch to skinnies so they can be tucked in? And then tromp around all day in them?

They don’t half baffle me when it’s for casual wear but take it to a professional level and I’m at a loss.

Anyway, I’m hoping the rest of the shopping will be as fruitful, bargainalicious and right-sized!  Your recommendations for professional shopping destinations carrying petite sizes would be greatly appreciated.

Left on the list 
Warm, lined gloves for small hands – preferably something waterproof as I hate having soaked, cold fingers
A nice hat, also preferably waterproof, good for 20-40 degree (F) weather
Thick, warm scarf that doesn’t shed.
1 more turtleneck
Down, quilted vest, I think these almost always run more sporty than professional but I’m going to need it.

8 Responses to “Welcome to winterwear”

  1. eemusings says:

    hehe. i’ve never worn rainboots in my life, so have no idea what the etiquette is. may i never live anywhere where they are a wardrobe essential! Auckland is infamous for its rain but you can generally get by with regular shoes.

  2. Houndstooth is THE “patriotic” pattern at University of Alabama. One of my daughter’s friends bought boots just like that! Good luck with the rest of your shopping.

  3. L.A. Daze says:

    Cute! Definitely bring another pair of shoes for the office. Rainboots are for outside only! Plus they look weird with office appropriate clothing.

  4. Karen says:

    I’d go for a thinsulate coat. I love my old work jacket and still use it. I’m not wearing it AT work (well sometimes).

  5. What I do is wear thick socks with my rainboots during winter, then I remove the boots and socks and flip into regular shoes at work 🙂

  6. sabrina says:

    I’ve never had rainboots (since I was a kid, anyway), but I’ve had many pairs of snowboots over the years. I’d keep a pair of old but still-decent shoes in your desk drawer (neutral color, so they go with everything), so you don’t have to carry the shoes back and forth.

    Also, if you normally wear hosiery, you can slip a pair of socks over them, and then remove the socks when you take off the boots. But if you weren’t wearing socks when you tried the boots on in the store, there may not be enough extra room for the socks anyway.

  7. I also have never worn rainboots…and am mighty glad I’m living in a place where you can wear sandals all winter!

    However, when I was working at GDU I always kept a pair of dressy shoes in a neutral color at the office. That way if I had to go to a meeting I could change out of the pain-frees into something more dressy. Not that it especially matters on a campus.

    If you’re wearing pants, a pair of kneehighs probably will do for socks. Well…unless it’s really cold outside.

  8. Revanche says:

    I guess the common consensus then is that I should really get over my dislike of changing shoes when I get into the office, yes? 🙂

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