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Christmas Wrap DIY

December 6, 2010

*** Whoops! Meant to post this before I left! ***

Half of our Christmas shopping is done, and now that I’m business trip-bound for two weeks, the other half must rest on PiC’s shoulders lest we shop on the week before Christmas. I’m awfully proud of the bit that I accomplished, though! 

Some time ago, I’d discovered the lovely Lesley of GeekSoap fame, and I was bound and determined to share the wonder of Geeksoap with my friends for Christmas.

Turns out, most of the soaps I ordered are now wrapped for PiC’s friends because somehow, he’s infinitely less geeky than me and still gathered more geeky friends around him.  Our dynamic continues to baffle me.

At a nearly standard soap size, these lovelies don’t merit a whole box. I have small boxes, they’re not nearly that small.  For the folks who only get one bar (one lucky fella’s getting four), I decided to repurpose odd-sized wrapping paper to craft my own gift bags instead of running out to buy them at $2 a piece or a pack.

Armed with a Swiss Army and glue stick, it was all pretty much executed by eye and estimation.  There was at least one major gaffe where I forgot to account for the fold at the bottom part of the “bag” so I had to glue two squares together because I’d gone and carefully cut out perfectly estimated squares that would perfectly surround the soap.  Those bags didn’t have enough paper to fold over like above, so I popped a couple holes in using a star shaped hole punch leftover from crafting days and tied it shut with a ribbon.

The post-it will be replaced by a sticker, surely, unless it’s going to one of my friends in which case it’s an inside joke to just address gifts via post-its.

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