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And the Metaphorical Skies open up: Tis the seasons of holidays, weddings and bookings

April 7, 2012

As our feet feel like they’re just touching the ground, we’re back off to the races!

We have a brief day and a half trip planned to visit family for Easter which, though we’ve known about it, we’ve had no time to get the prep done ahead of time requires: a car wash, a dog wash, a dog’s laundry washing, a cooler packed and meals made ahead all in the span of 3 hours this morning. Also, still need to buy hosting beer for the friends who are kindly offering us a room so we don’t have to stay at a hotel.

While I love the idea of catching up with a friend I’ve not seen in 4 years (but we didn’t know each other that well) our husbands have never met so a tiny part of me wonders, is this a great idea? Perhaps paying 25,000 points and a $50 pet fee might have been worth the quiet and peace of mind at the end of a long road trip ….

We need a gift to send back to SoCal with PiC next weekend for our really good friends so that has to be done now.

I have to send a set of books back to SoCal to another friend, so just remembering that I need to pack that now to see if I can’t send it back with Easter family to get it all the way back home. Spare PiC the extra baggage next weekend.

A friend’s wedding is at the end of the month: we missed the booking date for the blocked room rates so I had to get online to see what the extra cost was.  Found that the “savings” weren’t, really. Booked using points instead as it fortuitously turned out that there were rewards rooms available. We’ve been bleeding cash of late. This helps.

Their gift: I spent two hours on the registry last night agape and aghast. Finally placed the order this morning as I was determined to check the gifting off the list. Found a combination of things that were reasonably good quality and still affordable without totally breaking our budget. Funded half of it with my Company Holiday Gift Card.  Thank goodness for gift card hoarding and not using them on myself anymore. It should ship direct to them and arrive in advance of the wedding. (Two and three hundred dollar serving ware pieces? For students? I … don’t even know.)

It’s nice to get most everything out of the way but it feels like a whooosh of compressed air being let out all at once. LOT of pressure. Still, I will be grateful not to be worrying at the last minute about it, I know. This month (year/life) will only get busier as we go along.

And it’s going to be hot where we’re going this weekend.  So very very excited to be warm. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to that. I am jigging.

5 Responses to “And the Metaphorical Skies open up: Tis the seasons of holidays, weddings and bookings”

  1. Seems like a busy month for you.

    Whenever I go away for short or long period of time, I love to be in a peaceful environment at the end of the day. So forking over money to be by yourself after a long day of festivities is worth it.

  2. I don’t really understand students who want super fancy silverware. It is like they aspire to be Park Avenue folk!! Why not be practical and get stuff you can use in good quality instead?

    As for points and gift cards — YAY!!!! I am building my stash now so our trip to SF may be FREEEEEE!!!!

  3. Rina says:

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  4. Rina says:


    And I’m afraid to use my $60 wedding gift silverware set. Oy!!

  5. Revanche says:

    @MommaStar: Very busy. I really need my downtime between work weeks so it’s tough to be running about like this as much as I love the people I’m going to see (and sometimes not love as much 😛 ) But as it turned out, it was a really low-key night so that was good.

    @mochimac: It’s just so over the top. Yes, I’m wearing my judging hat.

    @Rina: Use it, it’s meant to be used!

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