By: Revanche

The latest phone scam: claiming the name of Gregory Adams and Associates

June 18, 2012

I’ve been getting mysterious phone calls from individuals naming themselves employees of Greg Adams and Associates for the last two months. The area code is associated with a Florida area code and they’ve left the following sorts of messages:

“Good afternoon, this is Melanie Steinberg representing the firm of Gregory Adams and Associates. I’m calling in regards to allegations that are being filed out of my office attached to your social security number. At this point in time, you are a person of interest, however, if I do not hear from yourself or some type of representing counsel, I will have to file this out as willful evasion and proceed in favor of the client. My number here is 561-210-4826. Thank you and please govern yourself accordingly.”

Sounds appropriately alarming.


1. Mentions a law firm that can be found on the Better Business Bureau site,
2. Mentions a social security number,
3. And makes a threat to proceed to something that goes against my putative interests.

Except wait – she never once identifies me by name, I’ve never received any official notification of what this matter is about, she never says what this matter is regarding in the message, she doesn’t mention her client’s name, she doesn’t identify herself as a lawyer or a paralegal, and how does she get to determine that I’m willfully evading anything?  I do believe that would be up to the judge and court to accuse me of evasion of summons if it got to that, would it not?

When I received the first phone call, I did a Google search on the incoming phone number, which matched the verbally given return phone number and found a list of complaints that other people had received the same sort of phone calls with the same language. It sounded fishy and now it sounded phishy.

Two weeks later, I get a message from the following phone number 954-345-4786:

“Hi yes, this is David Zimmerman with Greg Adams and Associates. This is my second attempt to make contact with you at the number linked to the case in my office. Please contact my office at 561-288-1193 before end of business day today. If I don’t hear from you I have to assume you are evading the matter and will be forced to make decisions on your own behalf without your knowledge. Again this is David Zimmerman at Greg Adams and Associates. Thank you.” 

Interesting. They do keep track of their calls enough to know which number they’re on at least, and use appropriately threatening language but assume I don’t know that they actually don’t have power of attorney and aren’t allowed to make any decisions for me without my permission, forget without my knowledge.

Eight days later, 305-222-7826 calls, irritably:

“Yes this is David Zimmerman calling on behalf of the firm Greg Adams and Associates. We’ve been more than accommodating by issuing not only one but two Notice of Intent, uh, your state only requires one to be issued ten business days before we commence with filing in your local county. Not so sure if in fact I have the correct number or not but if I do, I understand that things happen but based on the seriousness of these allegations attached to your social security number it would be advantageous for you to return this call to the firm’s direct office immediately 305-222-7826. Thank you and please govern yourself accordingly. 

The cheek! You’re annoyed with ME?

Honestly, these folks haven’t once identified the supposed allegation(s), they haven’t mailed anything directly, they haven’t proven they even know my name. They repeatedly talk about my social security number but if they knew it, they would know how to reach me by other means, not just by phone.

Generally, these phone calls are just annoying because I’m not bothering to return any of them. It would be great to pursue some form of recourse to make them stop because they are disruptive but so long as they’re limited to my cell phone, it’s limited harm done. Still, I would be concerned for anyone who did call back without any skepticism and fell down that rabbit hole – I’m sure they’re looking to nab identities, social security numbers, bank accounts, etc.

Has anyone else received these calls or similar such? 

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  1. Good grief.

    If I were you I would call the Florida attorney general, the California attorney general, AND the US attorney general.

    If you’re right that this is a fraud, then it is a federal crime because it crosses state lines. In any event, the AG in Florida will be interested, and since California is relatively enlightened, you may be able to get a rise from your own state’s AG, too.

    Absolutely do not call them back! To do so might be construed as an admission of something — for example, if they have some old debt (real or fraudulent) they’ve purchased and are trying to collect.

    Also better get your credit report from at least one of the credit bureaus.

    • mark says:

      Yep! same call.. same guys,…. Zimmerman gonna proceed against me and my SSN on behalf of Greg Adams and Assoc.
      Im in Cali and will indeed file with the state AG for federal offenses done against me. Harrassment and interstate threats by us of FCC goverened communications 🙂

    • Mary says:

      I have had these calls for months now and they are very threatning now they leave messages and know name but get the same b.s. as all of you have been given and now other numbers have been getting involved in calling with unknown numbers which I never answer. These people need to be put out of buisness

    • sunshyne says:

      I too have been getting the same calls for months with the same names and numbers. As stated previously, they have never mentioned my name and the number was not one from my state. The county they mentioned, I had never heard of. I pulled my credit report and nothing out of the ordinary was on any of them. I have put the numbers on my block list and allow them to fill up my voicemail. The calls were very annoying because they would call my cell back to back, but would make sure they only left one message every so often. They need to be put out of business.

    • TS says:

      Just received a call from these people today. David Rosenberg calling on behalf of Gregory Adams & Asscoiates. They said that they had mailed me some forms which I had not signed & had not returned to them yet. They said my answering the phone call would now put a red flag on my phone number. This was an automated phone call that I received. Since I am not in any sort of trouble with anyone I assumed the call may be about my ex-sister-in-law & her bad debts. I didn’t get the whole phone # from the message they left but what I have is -954-317-?. I figured I would look up Gregory Adams & Assoc & find their phone # & tell them to quit calling me. Glad I did as this is a scam. I am in Colorado!

  2. Allison says:

    Goodness. Where does it all end?

    I haven’t gotten any calls specifically like this, but I’ve had several other spam-y/phishy calls over the past few years. None quite this extreme though, generally more of the “you’ve won something but first you have to give us your bank account information” and sometimes they have my routing number.

    I agree with Funny about Money, I’d report it wherever you can- the various AGs, the BBB…and keep an eye on your credit.

    I just don’t understand the people who do these things. Are they really so desperate? Sheesh.

  3. Report those jerks! Stuff like this pisses me off so much.

  4. Karen says:

    I get these type of call….although none from my area. I don’t think they are actually that law firm. Reverse look up the numbers and you’ll probably find that they aren’t tied to the business. After awhile, they’ll stop calling. I also get messages with someone else’s name, I suppose hoping I will return the call? I never answer unknown calls…even when they’re from my area.

  5. The Quest says:

    Thanks for posting this! I haven’t received any phone calls like this but, if I do, I’ll know it’s a straight up scam. Crooks and frauds will stop at nothing. I don’t usually answer my phone anyway unless I know who is calling or if I’m expecting a call.

  6. Revanche says:

    Reported! Got a generic form letter back from the CA AG today. Not terribly helpful.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’ve goton the exact same voivemail severla times.

  8. Zhu says:

    This is so weird! The language is strange (“please govern yourself”???!) and so is the fact they are actually keeping track of calls. I’m sure it’s a scam of some sort but I don’t see which one yet.

    A few years ago, for months, I received calls from a U.S. number (I’m in Canada). I called it “my personal stalker”. Never left messages but called up to 50 times a day. To this day, I never understood the scam.

  9. Arena says:

    Yikes! Just today I got that exactly same first message but the guy gives his name as Mr. Zimmerman. The exact same wording! My good friend advised me not to call back ever and then googled this blog for me. We must find a way to report this scam.

  10. Coco says:

    PHEW! Thanks for the heads-up! I just got the same Zimmerman voice message and freaked out a little. Did my research and found this post. I’m a good girl!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I got one of these calls today! >..<

  12. Don says:

    Just received one of these calls with precisely the same verbage from Mr. Zimmerman. I have no intention of returning the call. Found this thread on the web and appreciate the comments. Best Advice I feel is to check out your current Credit Bureau Report.

  13. Ken says:

    I have gotten 7 or 8 of theses calls this Mr. Zimmerman and his associates have left my name on voicemail and threatening to take me to small claims court.i have voicemails of them “Claiming” to be attornies which they are not. I have contacted the AG and i have my attorney filing a lawsuit against them. the correct name of the company is not Gregory adams and assoc it is Allied Financial..good luck if you start getting these calls whatever you do never return them, thats how they got my name i made the mistake and called them back.

  14. AllthtisRyt says:

    Not responding to any of their idle threats, I suppose they brought in their “big guns” to scare me. He actually said that he was going to serve me papers tomorrow (July2,2012) that “were attached to a pending lawsuit.” I never spoke to this joker, but in my mind I thought…”bring it on.” Needless to say they never showed up…I’m still waiting….I actually do know my rights under the FDCPA and they broke more laws than I can count.
    A couple of weeks later they started the process over again..the same people, reading from the same script, claiming this is “their second (?)attempt……” If it didn’t hurt so many people, this would be laughable.

  15. susan says:

    I have reported these people to the FTC twice. I get messages from Greg Adamsons about every two weeks and all the numbers are from South Florida.

  16. Q says:

    This is so weird, I just received the same call on my voicemail. He said his name was Bill Baker and he needed me to meet him at my address so that he could give me papers to appear in smalls claim court. The funny thing is the address he gave I haven’t lived there in almost 4yrs. Then I got a phone call from a lady named Linda(no last name) she told me everything just as all of the post I see here. Told me I could reach her @ 5612883572.I Google the firm and they are not out of Florida…it says California and the area code on the website is 714. Thanks to this website I won’t be calling back, I’ll just see how far they are willing to go.

  17. Barb P says:

    I haven’t checked my voicemails in a week, or so. I never answer my landline-everyone that knows me, knows to reach me on my cell. I had two of these exact messages, from a “Linda” and the call back # was 561-288-3572.
    I’m glad i decided to Google the supposed “law firm” name. Thanx for the heads-up!

  18. MARY LISON says:


  19. just a headsup says:

    These folks try to confuse you by using useless legal mumbo jumbo. Remember this: A phone call CANNOT be uses as a “legal notice” nor can a legal action be brought against a “social security number”. That in itself should let you know not to return the matter how threatening they may sound. EVERYTHING must be in writing.

  20. Margie says:

    They are still following the same script – word for word. How weird. The last one I got mentioned my aunt as a “person of interest” in a pending litigation. She had been “red flagged,” etc etc. Too bad they don’t know she’s 95 and in advanced dementia. What could the scam be? I’m wondering if you are asked for money if you play into their game. Worth keeping an eye on. And no, I am definitely not calling back!

    • just a headsup says:

      Person of interest is a term only used in criminal offenses. Debt collection is considered a civil process. Like the person said above…they use legal terms and most of it is in the wrong context…but it does sound convincing. If they have not contacted you in writing..not email..via USPS, I would not even bother.

      • Jeanine S says:

        My fiancé has been getting these same exact calls from a Mr. Zimmerman with the same exact script. But when he called back they threatened him and were very rude. We asked for SOMETHING in writing which they argued they only had him on camera cashing a check. Which is total b.s. now they are calling my phone. I’m so glad I googled the # and found this site.!!! We have already reported them to our local police department and are furthering our reports to other companies. This is the # that they called from 786-275-5395 caller ID says Miami Florida. We will NOT be calling them again!!

  21. Maryam Zar says:

    This David Zimmerman from Greg Adams and Associates has been harassing my daughter through her phone number with threatening messages of law suits unrelated to her. When I call to tell them to stop, they berate me. I hope enough complaints will prompt someone to put these people out of business!

    • Margie says:

      I wouldn’t call them back. Nothing of what they say in their phone calls is proof that they actually hav a case against anyone. Who knows what information they might get from you if you call? Especially if they think they can fluster you. I would just lodge a complaint with hyour BBB and Atty General of your state, as well as in florida.

  22. Jeania Malaise says:

    One message “…this is Mr. Zimmerman etc.” so unprofessional that I knew it meant nothing. A law firm would not leave a message with this approach. Last week message #2–“decisions will be made without you if you don’t call today.” I am not a Google searcher, but this time it really paid off. Now what do I do…. everyone has already thought of the solutions and they are still in business.

    • Shou Cathy says:

      Tell them you have file a compliant with the FCC and AG OF Miami FL – the call will stop. Remember, most of all the companies is trading your personal information. There will be another scam around the corner. Remember also – if they know it – Don’t tell it.
      B-Safe with who you are and your personal information. Also keep in mind – If man made it – then man can get into it.
      God Bless

  23. danielle says:

    I have recieved these same messages they are in fact annoying… So this is just a stupid scam??? People have too much time on their hands…

  24. Margie says:

    But what I think about is, if we’re reading these messages, aren’t the scammers reading them too? And what are they learning? That the GAs and BBBs of our states do nothing?

    • just a headsup says:

      Unfortunately third party debt collection is a billion dollar busines.I am referring to junk debt buyers who buy old debts for pennies on the will never go away. Just make sure you know your rights. Something as simple as knowing the Statute of Limitations in your state is helpful. And yes, the scammers read this too..that’s why it is important to know your rights under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). I am not condoning not paying ones debts, but when collectors try to collect on a debt that is so old,you can’t remember what it is and they use illegal tactics to try to pry money from a consumer, knowing the debt is no longer collectable and proceed to scare them…well, that’s different, and laws have been put in place to protect the consumer from this type of debt collector.

  25. A pox upon them says:

    I have received a total of 4 calls from these jerks. First was a missed call, the next two from this Zimmerman guy, and just now from a Rebecca Cooper. This latest message says either me or my attorney should get back to her immediately. Zimmerman used 954-345-4741, and Cooper used 786-245-8312. How is it that the same office has two numbers in different area codes? Or do they seriously think their victims don’t try to check things out online first to make sure the calls are legit? I wish someone knew of a curse we can put on these guys. It’s very annoying to have to screen your calls, especially since they are calling my cell.

  26. Laurie says:

    Just got a call on my voicemail…same story..”your social security number is being red flagged in a case”…so glad I googled and checked this out before calling them back…what a bunch of dirtbags !!

  27. Margie says:

    I feel so special – finally got a message from Rebecca Cooper. She threatens that if I (or my attorney) do not respond, I will be marked as “willful invasion” (sic) and she will have to act in favor of her client. In whose favor was she going to act in otherwise? Again, I must govern myself accordingly. I can’t believe anyone would be intimidated by these illiterate boobs who can’t even speak English properly. Rebecca, I got your willful invasion right here!

  28. Rex Hump says:

    Gregory Adams & Associates
    (561) 293-3620
    7351 Wiles Road, Suite 106, Pompano Beach, FL 33067

    Type of Entity

    Incorporated: February 2011, FL

    Contact Information
    Principal: Mr. Jose Flores (President)
    Business Category
    Collection Agencies

    Alternate Business Names
    Allied Financial Group & Associates

  29. Angel says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I received 2 of these threatening calls from (supposedly) the attorney’s office in Broward County 786-245-8312 and the office of Attorney Gregory Adams 954-688-4662. The calls freaked me out because I have never been involved in anything illegal. These people need to be reported and prosecuted !!!

  30. lisa says:

    The scam calls are still happening…. @ first I was like WTH. A few days later another call came through adn gut instinct kicked in. I googled the name and was relieved to see the BBB was on top of the SCAM.
    I have no plans to call these folks it’s apparent that they want my information ….
    Trying to make somebody feel as though they were in the wrong and it’s imperative that I call them back. Be careful out there folks there are mean, ughly thieves out to defeat you.

  31. S says:

    Blocked their calls from 9543454741 in October, now getting calls from 9546884662. Just filed complaints with FTC and BBB

    “…Zimmerman with the firm Greg Adams and Associates in Broward County. This is my second attempt to contact you. Does have a case attached your name and Social Security number and as of now you are a person of interest. The case has been red flagged and you need to contact my office back at 95435. I’m sorry 3454741 as soon as possible or decisions will be made on your own behalf without your knowledge. Again the office number is 9543454741 would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and as always please governor yourself accordingly.”

    “This is Mr. David Zimmerman. With the legal department of Greg Adams and Associates in Broward County. My office has made several attempts to contact you at this phone number all in which have been unsuccessful. We do have a case here attached your name and personal information that is pending to be filed out. Please contact the firm back today to discuss this matter at 9546884662. Your cooperation is much appreciate it. Again the office phone number is 9546884662.”

  32. Christine says:

    I too have received a threatening phone call from Mr. Zimmerman at the firm Gregory Adams and Assoc. with the same exact wording stated in all the complaints. I was never identified by name in his calls. I don’t owe anyone any money and am not involved in any lawsuits. I have just filed a complaint with the BBB, I am calling the Attorney General and filing a complaint with them. These people need to be stopped.

  33. S says:

    Oooohhh, I feel so welcome, ssssoooooooo special. Guess I’m the “new kid” on the block. Just got one of these calls tonight from this company. This site rocks, and you guys are awesome. Thanks for the head’s up. Freaked me out at first, but I checked my credit report, and I have nothing to be ashamed of.

  34. Shanna says:

    OH I am so glad I researched this. I just got a call today from the same person saying the same darn thing. freaked me out for a minute. couldnt think of why they would be calling me. good thing i researched it the phone number said from benton county so i went to the county records and looked up everyone in our households social security number. if there is a suit filed it is public record and guess what no one in our house is on their records. plus if they are filing a complaint about us they have to notify you in writing first then they have to file it in the county you are living in to go anywhere with their litigation. plus the wording is just odd to me. how can he rule in their favor. he cant only a judge can. just all un nerving I hope he doesnt call again like he has to others that I have read about.

  35. art earickson says:

    Yeppers i got the same call yesterday from Mr David Zimmerman 954-345-4718 was the number he used this time. But the catch on mine is 1 its not my phone it comp.owned so there would be no SS assoccoated to me and the phone and then whin I did get the call ant 9 in the morning he said good afternoon. ( pre-recorded ? ) and it rang dirctly to my voice mail .
    Los Bozzo !

  36. Amber in New York says:

    I too have received this call from Mr. Zimmerman from the 954-344-4718 number. Filing my complaint with the BBB and AG now. Thanks for posting this information.

  37. Anonymou says:

    I wonder if anyone who gets calls like these have their resume posted on the job boards. I suspect that is where they are getting the numbers. I get the calls too.

  38. Irma says:

    I got a call today from some claiming to be a courier for GAA and gave me a phone number to call and when I did…it sounded like the same guy. They said I was being sued by an unidentified entity for $1000.. He is a scammer…this is a new tactic being used by debt collectors. This guy reference an old car I owned that I sold years ago. And apparantly the new owner has yet to transfer the title. He made it sound like someone was suing me because of the car. When I explained I had sold the car …then he claimed he represented someone who suing me for some debt. He never identified the company.

  39. Christine says:

    I filed a complaint with the BBB and the AG for Florida, today I received a response from the BBB, the response from Mr. Zimmerman and his fake company are the following: oh, and Mr. Zimmerman spelled my last name wrong.

    On January 21, 2013, the business provided the following information:
    Based on the information in our database Mrs. Hilmans phone number was associated with an account in our office. She does not have an account with us and a phone call to us notifying we had called a wrong number would have been sufficient to remove her phone number. At times phone numbers are reissued and that seems to be the case. We apologize for the inconvenience

    • Christine says:

      I do not accept that fake response from this person or business, I was never referenced by name and have had the same phone # and employer for almost 3 years and never been contacted by way of that. But they kept referencing my SS# and that it would be attached to whatever law suit was pending I am concerned about the people less savy such as the elderly and very young will fall victim to this scam.

      • Christine says:

        Ok, fast forward several phone calls from this fake company since my last response on this site. Today I received a call from a Mr. Michael Phillips at Andrew Cohen and Associates #407 792-0420 (Florida), the voice on the message sounded eerily like David Zimmerman from Gregory Adams and Associates and the language was the same. I guess it’s back to square 1 for me and I will have to file another complaint with the BBB and Florida AG, hopefully someday these criminals will be taken care of and quit bothering bill paying people. GRRR

        • Josephine says:

          Got a call from Mr. Michael Philips, from Andrew Cohen and Associates today. He stated that this was the first phone call he had made concerning this matter (he didn’t say what it was). He said that there were some documents that had been undeliverable and if I didn’t contact him, he would send my file to the “finalizing” department or something like that. He gave a call back number of 407-792-0420.
          I googled the name of the firm he says that he is with. It is an insurance and investment company out of the UK. I think I will let them know that he is using their name to perpetrate fraud and see how he likes being the object of a lawsuit.
          I didn’t call him back and if he keeps calling, I will just turn off my answering machine. He should be put in prison.

          • Christine says:

            here is the response from the BBB and the complaint I filed.
            08/23/2013 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : We recently updated possible contact information for an account “debtor” in our office which has Mrs. H same last name and Mrs. H phone number came up as a possible relative in our system even though it was removed from the database in the past it came up again. We had our IT department manually block Mrs. H phone number when we received this complaint so she will “never” get a call from this office when looking for the debtor whose account her phone number is associated with. We apologize for the call. In addition, a call to a wrong number doesn’t grant for someone to call us a scam, we are a legit collection agency.
            08/23/2013 SLP EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer
            I had to LOL, what formal business will use the term “legit”. Hopefully they won’t bother me anymore.

  40. Perry says:

    Had two call this week from Zimmerman 954-345-4718. How is it the phone companies cannot shut these numbers down? I am surprised I got a call, cause my home phone number is less than three weeks old and not in my name. As Christine says, I am worried about my elderly grandmother. She heard the message and thought she should call them. IMHO, even the death penalty for this is too lenient for these criminals.

  41. Jean says:

    I received a call from David Zimmerman from 954-666-7108. He left the exact same threatening message and gave 954-345-4718 to call him back. I was so shaken I called immediately and a man answered” this is Mike”. I told Mike I needed to speak with David Zimmerman and he said “David’s in a meeting. What do you want”. He didn’t even phrase it as a question. I said I don’t know, I’m just returning his call. He said, what number did he reach you at? I gave him my number and he said, “are you (he gave a woman’s name, first and last that I worked with 10 years ago). I said NO I am not! He said I’ll take you’re number off the call list. And he hung up….. This was so upsetting to me. Generally I would not have called back a number I don’t recognize but the message was so threatening and disturbing I immediately called back… Then I thought I would check the number on using reverse lookup. The number that the call came from…no record. Then I did a google search and found all of this… I feel much better now and will be consulting my daughter (an attorney) for further instruction.

  42. Jean says:

    Go to They have a Nigerian bank scam as well listed for this Gregory Adams and Associates


    Yes, I too have received a call from Zimmerman from Gregory Adams & Associates, however, being a Creditor’s rights Paralegal I did call the number and admitted nothing and advised I would be getting an attorney and the calls need to stop. I spoke with “Barbara” who was rude, loud and would not shut up enough to let me talk. I called FDH (Fair Debt Helpers) who looked up the number and immediately advised it was a SCAM. I also spoke with my attorney who advised not to do anything and that they violated my FDCPA rights immediately by not saying the FDCPA Miranda. FDH told me to block the numbers and report it to my local FBI as well as the following websites:

    so everyone get going on the complaints mabye we can shut these loud mouth liers and scammers down for good and stop the harrassment once and for all. Remember this is their jobs… how they make their money by scamming people who do not know their rights and may fall down the never ending Rabbit Hole of scammers and low life’s.

    Good luck

  44. Kristina says:

    Exact same thing is happening to me now. Thanks for the heads up. It seems like reporting it isn’t helping, but I guess I’ll try that.

  45. Jessica LeCuyer says:

    My elderly mother just called me regarding a message she received on her voice mail. from Gregory Adams and Associates. She got the exact same message as mentioned above, and I am relieved to see so many have reported this Co. I have to wonder though, why and how are they still in business. I am going to report them to the AG of Flo. The AG of MN and the Better Business Bureau~ I am sorry to say, I am glad to know we aren’t the only ones who have had this happen.

  46. Ruth Crull says:

    I have been receiving calls from this entity and being harassed that they are give this same
    message and when I called to find out what this is regarding, it was not for me. they claimed to
    be wanting to contact my granddaughter. They were very evasive to questions and I just received
    my third call for a 2nd # and when told this phone number is not anything to do with her, they said,
    “Well we need to contact her and mentioned my sons address. She is not there. So, how they got
    my phone number which is a cell and unlisted, I really want to know.

  47. Stutap says:

    I just got the same call. From a nice lady who said I really need to call her…Don’t these people talk to each other??? Zimmerman called threatening legal action 6 weeks ago. Perhaps there is an attorney who could file a class action for harassment . There seems to be enough of us.

  48. Frustrated says:

    I did call back after they called a long time friend. When I called back they stated they had be retained by a debt I had from 2007 they had my SS# my old Checking account number and even new I had filed bankruptcy in 1999. told me that they weren’t trying to get me to pay them only an opportunity to see if I remembered the bill or not and that the call was being recorded and if they didn’t hear back with me within 24 hours they would proceed with legal action. On the message they left my friend they stated I would have a warrant issued for a failure to appear in court. When I spoke to them they told me that the matter would be taken to civil court. A bill from 2007 really and you are just now getting a hold of me I don’t think so. So far they have called my in laws both ex and new. Had my mother inlaw scared to death.

  49. rhonda says:

    They called me…twice. The 2nd time I pulled up this site as I was talking to their “representative” and told him I was reading about all the BBB complaints filed against their company and then he said there was a subpoena issued, and I said “Hold on Turbo, first you cannot threaten or coerce to collect a debt, it’s against the law. There is no subpoena.” Then he says, “The subpoena was issued by Arizona Sheriff’s Office.” I said, “again, you’re wrong. The only entity that can issue a subpoena is a court, and there IS NO SUCH ENTITY AS ARIZONA SHERIFF’S OFFICE. You’re peddling your bullshit to the wrong girl.” he hung up. Haven’t heard back since =)

  50. Dawn says:

    I have been paying these people since OCT. are they a fake company. They still have not sent me a statement. I am sooo worried.

  51. David says:

    I would love to track down where these morons make their calls from. I would be glad to take a flight to Florida, alert local authorities and walk in and see them arrested. I have kept my voicemails. All of these jackasses need to be behind bars. How about they get a job and pay taxes instead of trying to scam law abiding people. What the hell has the BBB done? I know I pay annual fees to belong to them in my business??? So, with all the money BBB makes, surely they can get this to stop or get the people involved prosecuted. Lastly, why is it that whenever a scam takes place in the US, Florida is on the top of the list?

  52. TakingNoBS says:

    Getting Gregory Adams & Associates calls at work. Usually I just hang up. Today I didn’t. The recording went like this: “We have unsigned documents” then a list of “press 1 if you know your party, Press 2 if you are a court official, Press 3 for WAGE GARNISHMENT, press 4 to speak to a representative”. I’m at work, there are over 50 people connected to this phone number! So….I pressed 4 to get us off of their system. A man picked up and just said, “Please hold”. I waited about 10 seconds. He came back and asked me for the phone number. I’m not quick to give information so I said, “Excuse me, what do you need”? He retorted, incredibly rudely and in a very raised voice, “WHAT PHONE NUMBER ARE YOU CALLING FROM”! I simply said, “wow”. He came back, “Yea, WOW. YOU call back when you have a better attitude”.

    HA! What actual business that is trying to collect a debt screams at you and then hangs up on you? Answer: None. I tried to call back the 954-317-0576 that the call came from but it would never connect to anything. It just disconnects. Thieves I’m thinking.

  53. T R says:

    I received a call just a short time ago, but the person claimed to be David Rosenberg to me. Phone number 954-688-4659. Message said they sent docus (that is what he said, not documents) and I have not yet signed and returned them. Failure to call back will result in the file being red flagged. Implied threat.

    I have no outstanding debts from years ago, all my bills are current. The BBB info seems to imply this place is a debt collection business, but nothing about a debt is ever mentioned. Nor is my name. However, the BBB does have numerous phone numbers listed for this firm or whatever they are.

    Will be contacting the AG of Florida and California, the BBB, and federal agencies. Since it could be an attempt to steal identity I wonder if the FBI will take it more seriously.

  54. Lenee says:

    I’ve gotten two calls over two weeks. Now they called my mom and know my name. They didn’t know it on the first voicemail. Creepy!!

  55. Ron says:

    Contact the FTC Consumer Fraud Division 877-382-4357
    Also filed complaint with the FBI in Miami and FLorida Attorney General Office.

    If your phone number is with Time Warner, file a complaint with them also.

  56. Carmen says:

    I have received non stop calls from this firm so called firm . I have blocked their number but today my 89 yr old grandmother called me upset and stated that Dave from Gregory Adams threaten to press charges against her for my outstanding so call debt with their client. I than looked up the number & so called firm online and found this site. I knew already it was a scam because I would never get a person just a recording stating I was in default of a loan and they were going to collect their clients money one way or another so its best I agree to their proposal to satisfiy the outstanding debt. I was told I would soon receive court papers stating the amount owed and the name of the company they are collecting for. That message was left over a month ago and I still have not received any court papers. My main concern now is they have my grandmothers phone number and she is in the early stages of dementia she would give whatever information needed to ensure my saftey & wellbeing even if it ment paying my debt. Any suggestions would be greatly appericated.

  57. Lisa says:

    This so called company continues to call MY cell phone looking for my daughter stating that she has legal obligations that she is not tending to. I dont care to know or hear about HER obligations. When I ask them to remove my number, they wont do it. They say that her name is attached to MY number. The guy was a jack hole named Jeremy Burton. HA. I did have a little fun with him today though.

  58. Amber says:

    The same thing happened to me. My cell phone got the same recording, from the same people listed.. Somehow, they found my work phone number and started harassing me at my place of business. The first person to call says they are from a courier service and they needed directions to serve me legal court documents. I asked what this was in regards to; to which he replied in a very unprofessional manner “I wish I could tell ya, honey, but my kids need to eat so I can’t look inside”. He then says he wanted to schedule a time where I would be there to show my ID to them. The next call–from the SAME number (as my office has Caller ID) calls and someone claiming to be from the that Law Office calls and informs me that I am involved in a lawsuit where their client is suing me for $5,000 and plan to garnish my wages unless I decide to settle and pay $900. I immediately demand an explanation as to what this was about; and scolded him for harassing me at work another time. He hangs up. The NEXT call, a different person from guess what? The SAME number calls back and mentions something about an unpaid balance with Bank of America in 2009.

    I then say “Enlighten me.. What supposed information do you have? You randomly call me, are disrespectful and rude regarding something I’ve never heard a thing about that happened supposedly 4 years ago, have no information about and you want my money”? He raises his voice to me and yells Aren’t you (Insert full name here), says my SSN, Birthdate and my address (but a previous address from YEARS ago.)

    Still baffled at this point, I call our company’s attorneys and they tell me that when you are served, there is no “let’s make an appointment”. If you are to be served, it will either come certified mail or process server and to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE give them my ID unless they are Government or a Court Official and show ID themselves. If a person unwilling to give you legitimate information and demands money while having your Social Security Number and Birthday, all they need to do to finish the step of Identity Theft is your ID.

    Yet another call…. I asked him how he got all of this information, he yelled at me again, this time threatening me that I would go to jail if I didn’t pay. I replied with an “absolutely not and do not raise your voice to me.” He said (again in a VERY unprofessional and loud manner) “Well, ya know what?! I think that’s a pretty good deal, so I don’t know what your problem is; have fun in jail. Have FUN WITH THAT!!” and hung up.

    Needless to say, I never have received any documents of any kind, nor have I heard back from them. I cannot believe the lengths some people will go to…. It’s sick.

  59. Redkitty615 says:

    They call my mother (80 yrs old) from time to time and then I have to explain what they are trying to do because the message that they leave scares her. I keep telling her it’s a scam – I just wish they’d leave her alone

  60. tab says:

    I just got a phone call from my half sister (different last names) in California, now keep in mind I live in TN and have been here many years. Well she tells me a guy names Adam Turner called her mother in-law’s home phone asking for her (by name) urging her to return their phone call in regards to me(by name). She called them back and she said she spoke with Adam and she wasn’t too sire what goto was all about. She then explains that he asks her of she is in contact with me and of so my address and number. Needless to say I have a good sister! She tells him she doesn’t know where I am and hasn’t talked to me in a while. I call the number she got from caller ID (561)293-4298 and I too get a recording of a man ” thank you for calling Andrew Cohen and associates, you have traced us after our hours. If you know your parties extension you may eneter it at any time.” He then went on saying ” for questions about wage garnishments, or summons press one, if you know the name.of your attorney your dealing with in your area please press two and leave a message, if you would pole to leave a general message please press 3″ he told me sister he needs to.reach me as soon as possible in regards to wage garnishment. I’m completely baffled on how the got ahold of a number that I don’t even know and how they knew my sisters name and mine and or how they knew we were even related since we grew up with different last names! Please help.

    • Catalina says:

      Josh Woods of Andrew Cohen & Associates called my uncle and was asking about me. So I called the number back and was told by this Josh Woods that I was being sued by Allied Cash Advance for a check that didnt clear. He said they wanted $1,100 for 1 $300 check. I was like what! He said they would garnish my wages by 28% if they wont is small claims court. He had my place of work at the time info, My social and even what bank I was using. He said I could settle it for $220 but I had to pay it today by a visa. Or he said I could pay $300 by the end of the month but he would still need my debit info. He than said If I couldnt do that I could pay $200 this month and $200 next month. Im thinking why is the price getting higher? and he said the longer they have to wait the higher it is. I told him I needed some time to decide so he said he would give me 24hrs. I researched it and now Im thinking its a scam…. any advice?

  61. annoyed says:

    I just received a text asking me to identify my email address which they got off my linkedin page.

    Who are these shysters?

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