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Entering the New Year: Focus in 2013

January 1, 2013

Just like that, the New Year’s slipped in the door, all kinds of Bowls are on the telly while Doggle sighs and flops dramatically while PiC and I tap away at our keyboards.

I’ve been working since we returned from a pretty stressful Christmas trip back home so any recap or reflection posts will come later. Right now, I’m taking a quick look at things we’ve decided. Backwards? Sure. But it’s what works for me right now! πŸ™‚

Things to Do

1. New-to-us furniture in, some old furniture and possessions out:
Even at the slow-mo rate that I collect books and comics, PiC wanted another bookcase. We’ve talk-imagined how to fit this in because I’m getting Possessions Claustrophia. We agreed that if we’re adding furniture, we have to get rid of some things because it’s getting crowded in here!

To make this work, we both committed to:
A) clearing out enough shoes to eliminate a small shoe rack
B) selling his extra never-used bike and moving the remaining bike
C) reorganizing the current storage system in the existing book shelf, perhaps with nice containers for the non book items.

*PiC has always been in charge of the furniture and decor by default, I don’t tend to care about those details as long as we’re not spending or collecting too much. It’s nice to be able to participate in this discussion without feeling frustrated and come out with an agreed plan.

2. Tackling the second closet. We have very limited storage here and we’re not making the most of the space.

A) We’ve collected too many coolers, big and small, and I’m pretty sure that at least one can be returned. Perhaps one can be regifted or sold. It’s a novelty item.
B) We have an unwielding shelving system that came with the place. Time to rethink!

3. There’s at least one bit of paperwork left to sort from leaving my ex-employer.


Moving towards more simplicity and focus, J. Money and I are on the same wavelength there!

Actual Goals

Money: We’re almost ready to review the last year’s spending and create this year’s budget. If we’re going to talk about a house property, then we need to get serious about money allocation.

A) Create budget based on more realistic savings and spending needs for 2013. Lots of big travel anticipated this year and if we’re doing it, we need to be careful how the cash flows. Our first year of shared but not combined expenses (lack of action, courtesy of my health difficulties) really could have been better and I hate wasting time and opportunity.Β  Allowances, here we come!
B) Refinance this place.
C) Save at least $35k toward new house stuff.

** I’ve not posted any monthly reports since last year because I didn’t know how to present the numbers coming from just mine to both of ours. Still haven’t figured that out yet.

Fitness: PiC has insane-to-me fitness goals but I’m supporting him. From the sofa.

Haha yes and no .. I have been adding some careful gymming to my life lately in 15-20 minute increments and I am going to try and add a little bit more exercise at a time. Maybe I can even work up to running short distances? I would love a buddy who works at my level because at the moment, PiC and I are at the opposite ends of the fitness spectrum and I enjoy working out w/others. Then again, I can just go to a happy place to work out too – I love solo time.

The active/competitive spirit in me was slowly waking up in the last couple weeks and I just want to be able to do some things I used to: run a mile in good time, go for long walks and feel refreshed – not depleted, regain flexibility and stamina.

Not all of that is under my control: I don’t know how my body will react on any given day, much less to any of the pie in the sky fitness hopes, but I think it’s realistic to have a fitness plan menu from which I can slowly work on weak areas as and when I’m feeling up to it or just thinking I can.

I have to start somewhere!

I’m both a touch envious of but also proud of my IRL and online friends taking on new fitness challenges this year (@patti_v in her August race!) and will join them in my own small way.

Career: This new job requires a lot of stretching, some of which I simply don’t feel ready for, and others of which are brainmeldingly frustrating but sort of fun because I’m learning new things again.

It’s time to get back on the horse with regard to balancing the time I spend on the full time job, which could turn into 20 hrs a day, 7 days a week if I let it, and exploring what other projects are out there just waiting to be kicked around.Β  One idea that’s been floating for a long time has to do with my management experience. I spend a fair amount of time helping out a few fellow bloggers with hiring, career and other related advice. Perhaps it’s worth exploring that as a real side job?

Happy New Year, everyone, what’s on your mind for this coming year?

14 Responses to “Entering the New Year: Focus in 2013”

  1. moom says:

    Happy New Year! Belated congrats on the new position. It sounds like you are staying on the cutting edge! Some annual review will be coming up on my PF blog but it only covers the financial side of the things, the rest is on my professional blog. The coming year won’t be too different than the past one, I think. Professionally, I’m in the same job (it’s a great job so that’s not a problem), will visit a couple of new countries, and we’ll keep looking for a house to buy. There are some big looming issues which I haven’t discussed online – my mother’s very bad health and whether we should go for IVF/ICSI to have a child or not. We’ve been debating the latter for a year, but really need to make a decision soon.

    • Revanche says:

      Thanks! I’m being the most adventurous I’ve ever been in this new role πŸ™‚
      Those are some big issues you’ve got to face and make decisions about. Good luck!

  2. pearly says:

    Hi there
    I’ve always admired your work ethics and being such a filial daughter.

    I have lots of muscle/ tiredness problems too, but being super frugal can’t afford too many massages. I have discovered this tool as a replacement for deep tissue massages, and happy to report that it does a wonderful job and as a result of this tool, I have fired my masseur πŸ™‚ I used it daily now!

    Give it a try, hope it can help you too!

    Happy new year!!

  3. SP says:

    “I’ve not posted any monthly reports since last year because I didn’t know how to present the numbers coming from just mine to both of ours. Still haven’t figured that out yet.”

    This was really hard for me to figure out as well. Right now I’m tracking both of our incomes, but not quite all of our joint spending. Misleading! Hopefully I can fix this for 2013. It will be much simpler once we are both full-time in the same city!

    Good luck in 2013! I’m still mulling over my goals.

    • Revanche says:

      Yeah, I’m doing the same thing! If you have any suggestions on how it works well for you I’d love to hear it. We live in the same place and haven’t figured it out yet! πŸ™‚

  4. Karen says:

    Happy New Year!
    I’m probably going to ignore 2012 numbers as the last quarter ended up ridiculously pricey. Bury my head in the sand.
    This year I am focusing on my trip to Japan and losing the 10lbs I gained since I changed to this job.
    Interesting re: side job. I think you could do it and be good at it!

    • Revanche says:

      Happy New Year!
      Trip to Japan?? Do tell! When, why, what’re the plans?
      Side job: I may have to finish revamping this blog to get my brain ticking πŸ™‚

  5. Shelley says:

    I spent a day catching up on my financial info – I was terribly lazy about that in 2012. Turns out I spent more than my income – mainly on travel and on gifts, but because of my ample savings I’m not particularly worried. I joined a gym (for a month, to see how it goes) because my fitness is rapidly declining and the wet winter weather does nothing to inspire me. I decided to think of the gym as a sort of ‘gentleman’s club’ – somewhere to go to get out of the house and do something just for me. Loads of intentions here about uncluttering, etc., but I don’t plan to nail myself down by blogging about it. We are also thinking of renovations to the house to create more space. I will hate the chaos but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Happy New Year!

    • Revanche says:

      Often I write about things to make sure I *remember* what I was supposed to do but it also has the added benefit of forcing me to start or do at least some of it. πŸ™‚ I do love the way you’re doing the pictures on the wall.

      How are you liking the gym? I never used to do the gym but we’re already paying for this via the HOA fees anyway and this is a good way for me to try and do something about my fitness.

  6. Patti says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’ve been reading many a blogger make their resolutions/2013 lists – I love them all but I have to say yours in one of my favorites. That closet organization is going to be a b*tch but WE will tackle it. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  7. I feel that you and I both had huge 2012’s. Cheers to us.

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