By: Revanche

July 25, 2006

Just as I suspected, shipping is no deal!

Region Ground Third Day Overnight
(5-8 bus. days) (3 bus. days) (1 bus. day)
U.S. $5.95 $11.95 $19.95
U.S. (Gift Cards) FREE $4.95 $10.00
Canada $12.00 $22.00 unavailable
Canada (Gift Cards) $10.00 $20.00 unavailable

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  1. Kira says:

    Eh, you could try selling it on ebay or swapping it if there’s nothing good.. or just wait for the labor day sale or something. =)

  2. That’ll definitely be an option if I really don’t like anything I’ve found.
    I found a possible item on sale for about 60% off (24.50 –> 9.99) that is about a ten minute drive away at an outlet mall or some shirts I could use for work for about 4.99. I’ll run over and take a look after work tonight.

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