By: Revanche

Generational do-si-do

July 6, 2006

And I don’t mean the cookie.

Kira has very valid points regarding how to prioritize and treat adults as adults. I definitely have that outlook with Sibling after the years of frustration, but for the most part I still can’t shake the knowledge that my parents literally changed everything about their lives in order to give us better opportunities. It’s the curse of the first generation! *shakes fist*
I know, it’s my choice. And Mom has (very good for her!) arrived at the mentality that if Dad chooses to retreat behind wounded pride (rather than just going for the jobs that don’t involve entrepreneurship), well, she’s going to develop some marketable skills on her own and try to take the burden of their suppport off of me for the present. Again, that takes the pressure off me for the present, but the future casts a rather daunting, mysteriously shaped, shadow over me that mocks my efforts to build up the E-fund. Which is why I’m here, and doing this bloggy thing, honestly. Because I love to save and plan and plan and save, but even I get disheartened when it seems like it’s one step forward and a tango backwards.

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