By: Revanche

Augh! Hello Mr. Murphy, have we met? Yes, I’m the one you’re pulling the wings off of and burning under a magnifying glass …

August 30, 2006

Last Saturday I received a letter about an overdraft charge on my checking account because my car loan company’s website didn’t show a pending payment six days after I’d scheduled the payment. Six days! So of course I panicked thinking that I was going to have a late payment and immediately scheduled *another* payment. Of course, on Wednesday and again on Thursday, a $400 payment was withdrawn from my account. Yes, from my account that I normally only keep a nominal amount, or rent money in.

I contacted Toyota to deal with it and then made sure that I hadn’t written any other checks that would be cashed before payday because I figured that Toyota would return that $400 or I would be paid within the next day or so, so no worries.

This morning I logged in to check on my paycheck and found that a $50 check was cashed yesterday!!!!

What made it worse was that it was PaDucky. He’d FINALLY deposited a check I’d written to him in APRIL. And I can’t even complain! I can’t even tell him what he did to me because it’s not like he did it on purpose, he just wouldn’t think that I, of all people, would ever be financially unstable for even a second because he thinks I hung the moon and found someone else to pay for it. *sigh* I can, nicely, ask him never to wait to deposit checks though. I’ve done that.

I couldn’t figure out why that money was still there and ended up using it to cover another urgent bill last month.

Now I’m waiting for my second overdraft charge to hit, because they’ll probably tack that on at the end of the day.

Can this be my third and final trouble for oh, say, the year?? Between the crazed folk at work whose grasp of reality is just the far side of insane and from another universe and these financial hits, I’m exhausted. I’m frustrated and deflated.

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