By: Revanche

Virgo? Libra?

August 16, 2006

I’m on the cusp, as they say, because some newspapers have me as the one, some as the other. But I’m much more a Virgo than a Libra (thanks to SingleMa):

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You probably know exactly how much you have in your bank account, Virgo, right down to the last penny. You get the most pleasure from your wealth when you follow it closely and stick to a budget. You also like to get the most for your money — in fact it’s something of an obsession for you — so you do price comparisons before buying anything lavish. You’ve got a secret weakness for natural fibers, handcrafted items and organic food. Don’t deprive yourself of these pleasures.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You love the things that money can buy, Libra, but sometimes have difficulty prioritizing your spending. After all, there’s no point in having a beautiful set of china if you have no food to serve on it! A professional financial adviser can be enormously helpful to you. Of course, a balance-oriented person like you will want a portfolio that is comprised equally of stocks and bonds. For purchases, you’ll find art, antiques and entertainment most satisfying.

[Can you tell I just discovered colors?] I do know exactly down to the penny what I have, in each of my ten accounts. And I do, neurotically, check everything every day. You know why? Because I excel at screwing up. Yes, I do insist on getting the most for my money, because I don’t have much of it. But, natural fibers, handcrafted items, and organic foods? No, no weakness here. On the other hand, I do love what money can buy, I just don’t have trouble prioritizing, nor would I suffer a professional financial advisor who didn’t know more than I did, gladly. Sadly, my portfolio is heavily weighted with stocks right now, and I’m hoping that’s not going to sink it quickly.

7 Responses to “Virgo? Libra?”

  1. Single Ma says:

    “…nor would I suffer a professional financial advisor who didn’t know more than I did…”

    HA HA I know that’s right!

    Those zodiac readings are phewy. Nice entertainment tho.

  2. ntbeachnc says:

    It’s funny…reading those I would say I’m more of a Virgo, but I am definitely a Libra (Oct 5th). Maybe I have both since I was supposed to be born on Sept 16th. 🙂

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  5. [I’m going to get this comment posted, I really am!]

    ~ Single Ma: They are good entertainment, aren’t they?

    ~ Beachgirl: That’d be fun to compare the sign you were supposed to be to the one you really are!

    Thanks for coming by!

  6. Mr P says:

    where did you get these descriptions from? I want to check mine too!

  7. Mr. P: Hm, sorry the link’s not working, it should be found here, courtesy of Single Ma’s stealing it from elsewhere =)

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