By: Revanche


August 22, 2006

I was feeling lonely over here because the site meter showed 0 visits since last week. Turns out I forgot to add the site meter html to my new template.

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  1. Stargazer says:

    hello, I just stumbled upon your blog. I have to ask you how you got your lists on the side of your blog and how you add the site meter. You seem techier than I cause I cannot for the life of me figure it out 😉 Good luck on the rootcanal..eeek

  2. Hi stargazer, welcome! Actually I’ve definitely had all sorts of help from Kira over at, I’m not techie at all so I have to ask for tips and code and stuff.

    Link Html: Words you want as your link

    and go to to sign up your blog.

  3. Mr P says:

    I visit frequently. Nice site!

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