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Wow, Citi: Train your CSRs!

August 7, 2006

I just spoke with a Citibank Online rep who, upon ending our call, asked if he could make a small suggestion regarding my accounts. “You have,” he says, “quite a lot of e-savings accounts.”
“Yes, you have a lot of e-savings accounts, were you aware that if you do not have e-savings accounts linked to your checking account, you will only be getting the 5% annual percentage – that is 4.75% monthly, on the one account and the other accounts will not be getting the high interest rate?”
*interest piqued, does this guy know anything?* “Really, that’s interesting, do you mean to tell me that if each of my e-savings accounts are not linked to their own separate checking accounts I will not be getting the high interest rate? What rate would I be getting?”
“Yes ma’am!! You would only be getting the day to day interest rate and I can check and tell you what that rate would be!”
“Really, because I specifically checked if there were limits on the number of e-savings accounts I could have at the advertised rate.”
“Oh, uh, er, yes let me check on that please could I put you on hold for just a short minute ma’am?”
a minute later:
“Oh, uh, I checked that and you’re absolutely right ma’am, yes, you are getting the full high interest rate that you seem to be getting ma’am.”
“Yes,” as I peer at my statement with each account’s interest earned and rates looking kosher, “yes I do believe I am right. Thank you, good night!”
“Thankyougoodnightma’am” *CLICK*

Which leaves me wondering, what on earth kind of money-making opportunity did he think he saw? Or did he actually think he was really actually helping me out? What an odd fellow.

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  1. hey ms miniducky, thanks for your comment. i’m definitely never lending money to anyone every again (besides my parents. maybe). I totally feel your frustration with citi. I love them, love their services, have more accounts with them than I can count on one hand, yet can’t help but wonder what their executives are thinking. They are superb in offering the best rates, but sucked with customer service. once i went into a branch to deposit a check but had forgotten my debit card. so i went up to a customer service person and asked if I could deposit via a teller instead. he said, nope, you have to do it with the atm’s or walk 5 blocks to the next branch with tellers. totally didnt make sense cause there were 5 other employees standing there doing nothing…

  2. Hey PP’n’me,
    It’s a tough lesson to learn, I feel like I have to relearn it every time the situation comes up!
    I wonder if a letter to the CEO (of course that means the secretary or someone like that) of Citibank is in order. If I get cranky enough with all this nonsense … 😉
    And honestly a lot of times I can’t tell if it’s the CSR or the policies that are more nonsensical. I don’t like to blame the peons if they’re not just being obstinate – but I just can’t tell.

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