By: Revanche

Danger Will Robinson!

September 7, 2006

Uh oh … just when I thought that my troubles with Toyota were over, I receive the following email:

Please do not respond to this email. To contact Customer Service, visit
“” or “”.

Dear Valued Customer,

The processing of a scheduled payment has resulted in a Failed status. Please
contact your bank or financial institution for additional information.

Toyota Financial Services (
Lexus Financial Services (

No, you are NOT going to tell me that this whole mess is going to keep draggin’ on! And side note:
they couldn’t even be bothered to pretend they’re my bestest friend and use my actual name? Come on,
Toyota, you know my bank account number, surely we’re close enough for actual NAMES? Anyway, guess I’ll be chatting up another Toyota rep tonight or tomorrow!

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