By: Revanche

The dawning of a new age ….

September 8, 2006

Been really busy at work today because I’m training a new employee, making travel arrangements [Chicago, whoo!!], and brainstorming about the coverage we’re going to need because a full-time employee gave essentially no notice at all yesterday. She’s making next Friday her last day, but has jury duty all next week as well. Hm. It’s going to be fun times in the DuckyWork corral. Yay!!

Let’s hear from you, dear readers, for a change. What’s on YOUR mind? And, would you ever do the above? ie: Give notice for a certain date, but make sure that you actually can’t even work those days in between? And I don’t mean having an offical end date that ends a month later so that you can claim all your vacation time. I mean, personally arranging your matters so that you call in sick everyday or have jury duty or some such thing?

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  1. Mr P says:

    I think doing what your coworker did is a bit shady. You are supposed to be an employee until the last day of work and as an employee you are supposed to finish all your work…not avoid it. Its kind of like a good samaritan thing…

  2. I considered it an ethical issue as well, that a truly good employee does care for the well-being of the company. Of course, I suppose that becomes a moot point when the qualification is a “truly” “good” …..

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