By: Revanche

MaDucky didn’t raise no fool!

October 20, 2006

A long-time business acquaintance of PaDucky inquired about my willingness to help him out, while he helped me out. How? you ask. Why, simple. I get a credit card with him as an authorized user, and he would use it on a regular basis – both charging and paying off high balances – which would naturally lead to my growing a *very* high credit limit (that obviously a young’un like myself couldn’t possibly achieve on her own.) Because he has no real credit history [translation: no real GOOD history] of his own.

*sputtering* Wha-wha-wha-whaaaaaatttt??? Hu-excuse me?? You want me to what you what? Does this man think I’m crazy? Or stupid? Or possessed?? He wants me to hand over a credit card in MY NAME and juuust hand it on over and say “here y’are, use it as you please” and just TRUST him to run it up and pay it off? Which part of that equation does he think I have my doubts about? Surely he doesn’t think it’s a lack of faith in his ability to run up a credit card that I am responsible for?

Perhaps he hasn’t realized that I’m the only creditworthy person in my family, but if he does, does he think I got there by being blind/deaf/dumb AND crazy? That I just fell into a pit of good-credit-luck? Does he seriously think that he is doing ME a favor by “creating” a credit history that I wouldn’t have without his high chargin’ self or is he just hoping to convince me of his sincerity? Well, duh, I have a great 700+ credit score even with balance transfers and two car loans to my name. The credit history he COULD give me sounds about half as tempting as scoring a case of smallpox. I suppose I’d live through it, but why would I want to?

Ok, so he may not be a financial devil in disguise, but how could anyone think that this isn’t a *terrible, horrible, no good, very bad* risk to take? Out of giving him the benefit of the doubt, I tried to think through how this COULD be made to be a better situation that involved NO risk of being hung out to dry and actually benefitted me in some material way, but I really couldn’t think of anything.

2 Responses to “MaDucky didn’t raise no fool!”

  1. Daniel says:

    Good job….that could have led to disaster!

  2. Don’t I know it! I have nightmares of $XXXX.XX debt that’s not even mine as it is, sure don’t need to borrow trouble.

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