By: Revanche


October 18, 2006

Vanguard sent me a quarterly report yesterday and even though the records shows that I’ve held my account for less than a year so I don’t actually have a personal performance record, a quick calculation reveals that my fledgling 403(b) has accrued about 3.6% in gains not including contributions.
[I specify “not including contributions” because the stupid plan summary always includes my last contribution as part of the “change” in balance. And it always fools me for a second. And then I realize, no. No, it sure didn’t just earn massive returns.]

Actually I know that I have a pretty skewed portfolio right now: 92.5% stocks, 7.5% bonds and that makes me a little nervous but it’s working for me right now and I have such a piddly amount in there that I foolishly don’t want to bother changing anything yet. I suppose the wise thing to do would be to reevaluate the asset mix in a few months.

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  1. Wanda says:

    What Vanguard fund do you have?

    I have my Roth-IRA invested in Vanguard’s Target Retirement Fund 2050, and it’s 90% stock and 10% bond. Do you do your own asset allocation?

  2. I’ve got 75% in the Target Retirement 2045, and 25% in the International Value Fund. I think I actually meant to split it with the International Growth Fund, but stuck with the Value fund since Vanguard doesn’t like it when you reallocate too much.

    I don’t do my own asset allocation, precisely, I just picked the funds that I liked. I probably SHOULD be looking at the allocation a little more, but I feel like tinkering with it when I’m just as ignorant about it as I was 8 months ago doesn’t do me any good.

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