By: Revanche

Regreso! or is that revuelto?

October 14, 2006

Oh I don’t know, my Spanish is now limited to some sorts of food and some chatty gossip with our cleaning lady.

I’m back from Chicago!!

It was a long, drawn-out ending to the past four months of scrabbling to meet deadlines. It tasted of late night jazz and smoky bars by night, and feet-shredding high-heel wearing eons in our schmooze booth by day. It’s over!! It’s over it’s over it’s over!! [I’m dancing a jig, can’t you tell?] The city was wonderful .. though I experienced nothing but what I saw through glass zipping by as I shuttled from hotel to convention center to hotel to convention center.

I brought BoyDucky a souvenir magnet of the Navy Pier, which I was right next to but didn’t get to visit, and have a few lovely pictures of the city from my hotel room which would have been very nice had there not been what sounded like a turbine engine next door that kept me up from 10 pm to 6am the next morning. The Sheraton will be getting a letter regarding their untruthful front desk clerk who stated emphatically that there was no next door neighbor and that as I was in a corner room, there was in fact, no next door either. That kept me up the rest of my few morning hours wondering if I was losing my mind or if there were neighbors of the less than lively sort, if you know what I mean.

Even though it was actually pretty nice living in a hotel for a week, alone, it’s nice to be home tapping away at my own computer. I DID miss out on my Chicago dogs, though. I’m feeling deprived about that.

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