By: Revanche

Speaking of growing up ….

October 2, 2006

Someone is learning a very painfully expensive, and painful lesson: TURN IN YOUR BENEFITS PAPERWORK ON TIME!!

It’s not impossible. It’s not that hard. SO DO IT. The alternatives are exceedingly painful.

He has wisdom teeth that are impacted, need to come out, and have needed to come out for some time now. He is now in a lot of pain and a bad financial situation. Wisdoms run close to $500 EACH to remove, and he’s in a bad income month [notice a trend here? Why is it that I …. ach, never mind] so of course he hasn’t the cash flow to cover it.

I don’t know what to do for him that I haven’t already. I have dramatically increased bills at home and I’m not trying to borrow trouble. I can point him in the direction of CashDuck and suggest he get his fingers a-typing. I can suggest that he ask for a cash discount or a payment plan from the dentist, and I can suggest up a storm but only the Good Lord knows if he’s going to actually listen to anything MsMiniducky has to say.

I’m not unsympathetic. I remember horrid dental pain and my heartstrings have been tugged aplenty. But I honestly couldn’t extend myself any further to help even if I had been asked to. And brutally honestly? People have to learn painful lessons when they refuse to learn painless lessons.

I still feel heartless. But my personal journey bodes to be rough enough, I can’t keep bailing people out, and as Claire pointed out, you should only lend money you can afford to give away.

So remember that prevention is worth 80% of cure! Even after paying monthly premiums [10-12 dollars?] and your share of 20%, that other 80% of the cost of treatment in a situation like this can really make a huge difference. Four hundred dollars versus $2000? It’s like buying one, getting THREE free!

2 Responses to “Speaking of growing up ….”

  1. I hope he sorts it out soon. It’s horrible to see anyone close to you in pain!

    I wish I had your willpower about lending btw. I’ve learnt that lesson the hard way a couple of times now and I still have trouble saying no to anyone I care about. Hence Mr Bargain Queen now controls the purse strings.

    Hmm, maybe I should write about that some time…

  2. Kira says:

    Oy.. I really feel for you (and him.) You already give so much to your family that it is amazing to me that you have managed to keep it all together! But yeah, sometimes people need to learn painful lessons that you absolutely must take care of things before bad times come.

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