By: Revanche

Just like the good ole days

November 3, 2006

But only, different. This time last year I was so through with the hostile atmosphere I was working in that I said fohgit this! I signed up for scholarship searches with Fastweb, the search engine I used back in high school when I was trolling for college money. I knew it’d be more difficult this time around because I actually make what appears to be a decent wage [cause they don’t know how many HOURS it takes!!] and because it would be for graduate school.

Whatever the government’s assumption is (you’re a big kid now so we’re not giving you free money, etc.), all I know is that FAFSA will not serve me as well as it did when I was an undergrad. I mean, it wasn’t any free ride like my smart friends had, but it definitely made it possible for me to afford college while I was just starting my new job and new school and all that.

Hence, my renewed friendship with Fastweb. Only, I’ve noticed that you can’t ever just sign in anymore. You always have some big splashy financial offer [most frequently it’s an online university] and then it takes you to a credit card offer with all your stats conveniently filled in. All you have to do is click the BIG RED BUTTON THAT SAYS YES! TAKE ME FOR A FOOL! Or you can click baby brother’s “no thanks” opt out link buried underneath the flashy red button.

I know they have to support themselves some way, but that’s just a little shady.

Oh well, I guess friends change.

2 Responses to “Just like the good ole days”

  1. Kira says:

    FastWeb still thinks I am in high school for whatever reason and I cannot convince it otherwise.

  2. I’m pretty sure I had to create a whole new profile for this go-round.

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