By: Revanche

Midweekend status update

November 12, 2006

BoyDucky and his sister are sleeping off the hangover [BoyDucky: was TOO well loved by the gang] and the early morning rising and cooking [she took one for the team: got up, grocery shopped AND cooked. Mm, good sister!!]. I’ve done the dishes and settled down to do some work, but couldn’t quite get into it.

I’m amazed that my wallet escaped the dinner and karaoke relatively unscathed … well, not unscathed but in much better shape than I feared. It would have helped if a handful of people DIDN’T leave karaoke without paying [!!] but we were still ok. I might make it through this birthday weekend in pretty good shape considering I [rather uncharacteristically] didn’t even want to think about how much everything would cost! Of course I’ll do a post-weekend checkup, but I notice that when it comes to planning things for BoyDucky with his family, it’s hard to maintain my usual frugal sensibilities because I feel like I’m the only one who thinks about how each decision impacts the overall budget. And then I feel totally cheap for thinking that way for someone else’s birthday or event, especially when it’s BoyDucky! Anyway ….

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