By: Revanche

Oooh, book frugality!

November 20, 2006

a la bookswapping.

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By: Revanche

Yodlee’s keeping me honest

So far, so good with the Yodlee aggregation … I like the Dashboard! I don’t like how it times me out every 15 minutes or less, but that’s probably healthier than staring at it umpteen times a day.

BUT it’s counting the stupid truck loan in my net worth which drops me down to, basically, a negative net worth. Ugh. FINE. If you want to get all technical and legal and stuff about it, FINE. Fine, I have a second auto loan in my name and FINE I’m technically responsible for it. Humph.

This would probably be why I don’t like trying to track my net worth. Until I disentangle and detach the last tentacles of familial obligations, it’s gonna bring me down. Hrmph. Oh, did you know that octopus arms DO sort of have minds of their own? That’s kind of creepy.

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  1. Golbguru says:

    I am glad Yodlee is working out for you. The auto-logout feature is a good security measure for some people like me who forget about which windows are open on their computer 🙂

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