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And I thought normal weddings were weird …

December 19, 2006

As a rule, I don’t really enjoy your typical, run-of-the-mill Asian wedding banquet. They’re just boring. But apparently I’ve missed out on some weird new fad at the two family weddings my parents attended the past couple weeks: they ran raffles and lotteries. One raffle gave the winner the chance to take a mystery-money envelope ranging from $5-$200 or to be put in the lottery for a $2000(!!!) cash prize. [The fool took the chance on the lottery, btw, and came away with nothing instead of the fat $200 he could have gotten. I think they were kidding about the “as low as $5” thing because all the raffle winners got no less than $50.] My parents came home with a nice new vase and an MP3 player! I’ve been promising myself an MP3 player since I started this job (oh, say two years ago) but never got one. I’ve totally scored. Now I just need to figure out how to break it out of that plastic prison they call packaging. Then, on to the tech-savvy cousin for music!! Yesss….

4 Responses to “And I thought normal weddings were weird …”

  1. MoneyFwd says:

    Well I can guarantee I won’t be doing anything like that at my wedding. I think it’s tacky.

  2. In’t that the weirdest thing? The part that gets me is that I’m sure they spent at least a few thousand just giving money away! Odd, really.

  3. I would like to attend a wedding like that. Free money is always appreciated.

  4. Tired: you know, I have LOTS of family and that means LOTS of weddings … wanna sub in for me? 🙂

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