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What would a PF blogger do?

December 5, 2006

My friend’s wife’s the kind of person who HAS to finish what she commits to and just started a major project in her current job that will keep her busy until March. A few months ago, she was recruited by another department in her university for an executive position, and didn’t even feel very comfortable accepting the interview appointments because of the timing, but felt she should at least give it a chance. Obviously her boss doesn’t want to lose someone like her, but decided after a lot of thought that she couldn’t hold her employee back from such a huge promotion and raise and has encouraged her to do what’s best.

So the new department head wants her. He wants her enough to push back the start date until January if she’ll accept the offer which includes a 22% raise. They don’t NEED the money and she loves her job. She’s also concerned that she’ll be less busy. [Yes, my friend thinks she’s weird for worrying about making more money for less work. I think it’s the best of both worlds, more money and more time to do stuff?? Dude.] Because she still won’t be through with that project until March, she feels like she just can’t accept the offer.

What would you do?

4 Responses to “What would a PF blogger do?”

  1. MoneyFwd says:

    I wonder what will happen in march when her project is over and she may not have enough to do. And the possibility of not having the opportunity to move up again for years.

    I’d take the promotion.

  2. Golbguru says:

    I would take that offer. Things keep changing..and like moneyfwd says above, what’s the probability that she will be kept busy with her current job after march, what if something boring comes along after march? if she is ready to face the unknow after march, she might as well be ready to face the unknown right now, at least she will get more money for it and have more time on her hands to increase productivity.

  3. I’m not entirely certain but I think that she’s pretty happy with her current job (esp since she wasn’t actually looking, she was simply being recruited because she has a good rep and the current job holder is retiring.) That said, I do wonder the same thing about this being a one-shot opportunity: the position IS only open because someone is leaving.

  4. If her boss is supportive, then she won’t even be burning any bridges. She should take the other job. If she’s that concerned that she won’t be busy enough, maybe her new boss will let her act as an advisor to her replacement, so she can at least oversee her project being finished.

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