By: Revanche

Holy Cassandra Complex, Ben Stein!

January 20, 2007

I usually respect a good portion of Ben Stein’s advice, though perhaps not necessarily his expounding of annuities, but this particular article felt just a leetle too doomsday for my taste. He does have a point, though, as a rule, society doesn’t really trend towards higher quality AND expansion.

2 Responses to “Holy Cassandra Complex, Ben Stein!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a bit doomsday, you’re right. But: there are a lot of people, for which, this article hits very close to home. You and I are not those people who are 55 and only have $50,000 saved for retirement. Those are the people he is lighting a fire under because they just don’t get it. I’m reasonably sure that he’s being overly dramatic to make the point.

  2. ~Fin-indie~ Sadly, there are people who haven’t a thing saved for retirement, I realize this. It’s just too bad there are people who may require such drastic swaths of imagery to get moving with their financial planning.

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