By: Revanche

# – Item Might be FSA Eligible

January 15, 2007

It’s the beginning of the year and time to start or reinforce good financial habits. Remember to save all your receipts from the doctor’s, pharmacist’s, dentist’s, orthodontist’s, or drugstore with any qualifying purchases to claim your FSA money! Most drugstores like Walgreen’s, Longs, Sav-on, etc. will have a handy dandy marker symbol next to the product that most likely qualifies as an FSA purchase, so pay attention to your receipts!

And those receipts will do you no good if you never send them in or use them to track your claims if you use an FSA debit card, so either submit your claims on a regular basis (I try to do them right away so that I don’t forget, and then file them until I have a receipt for the credited amount), or keep an organized file for your reference.

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