By: Revanche

It’s been a hectic day in the office

January 9, 2007

and tomorrow will be worse because I’ll be gone most of the day in my first ABCs of Supervision class. Yessss, my little miss bossiness is about to be officially sanctioned!!

For all my griping about Citibank, I noticed that they’ve actually changed one thing I have not yet complained (aloud) about: their inter-institutional transfers were free INto Citi, but they charged to move money OUT. Now? It’s free! The $1000 daily Next Day Transfer limits are still in place, but I can withdraw my money just as fast as I deposit, if I so desire. Finally!

And, I know I keep saying I need to go back to school for my graduate degree in whatever-I-decide, when-I-decide, but I found myself mentally coming up with reasons to cancel this class for the last three days. Tsk tsk! Lazy!

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