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Weekend adventuring

January 30, 2007

Please don’t ask me the price tag of this weekend for I am ‘shamed to admit that I allowed BoyDucky to spoil me within an inch of my life. In my defense, I had NO CLUE all that he’d had on tap. In his defense, surprising me is a pretty big deal. He’s the only one who has ever managed this feat. Anyway, that does not in the least detract from the great funs we had!

My gift to him: Volumes 1-4 of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible.

And the first volume of Bill Willingham’s Fables, Vol 1.

I’m a comic book geek through and through, and I was SO thrilled to find a comic that BoyDucky enjoyed and actually wanted to follow. I don’t know how he’ll like Fables, but I know he likes Invincible.

So yes, the aforelaid comic gifting rules as determined by a comic friend and I will apply here as well. [Gifts will always be comics, or comic-related. And the gifter will always read the gift before wrapping it for the giftee. For quality control purposes. Really.] But I started his first comic book collection!!

And he got me ….. *drumroll please* my first ever wine-tasting!

We …er … “invested” as they say, in wine-selling lingo (they would!), in a bottle for our anniversary next year, and another for perhaps a dinner party when and if he can get his family and mine to come up. I have a feeling that we’ll be drinking that bottle ourselves as well!

I did learn that the smaller wineries like Cakebread only distribute a small amount of wine to the common buyer who might come by for a tasting, otherwise 80% of their wines go straight to restaurant distribution and the rest goes to people who are part of the wine club for that particular winery. Those who join the wine club can get a few as 4 bottles a year up to … ten, I think? They also receive a discount on the wine bottles, as much as 20% off each bottle’s price. I think it’s definitely an interesting idea if you’re really a fan of the wines that a particular winery produces but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “investing” in a great wine.

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