By: Revanche

2007: Retirement Plan Shuffle

February 11, 2007

I’ve changed the allocation of my Vanguard 403(b) from a 75/25 VTRIX/VTIVX to a 60/40 allocation.

And last year I opted to sign up for the contributions to be applicable through the 2006 calendar year, intending to increase my contributions or change them in 2007. Foolish! That did not work out the way I expected. Instead of being able to jump on that at the end of 2006, it turned out that my online access to the contribution signup was delayed until mid-January!

Naturally, that meant my selections wouldn’t go into effect until February. Augh! So now I have to up my contribution again, starting in March, so that the cumulative amount will make up for losing ground in January. I think that works out to throwing 600/month into that pot so that it averages out to about the same. Lazy Benefits Office bums! I’m sure they hate me now because I keep changing my contributions.

I learned MY lesson: just sign up for continuous contributions!

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